Paramount Has 14 Transformers Movies Planned – Be Ready

Paramount seems to have its Transformers on – as Michael Bay reveals a stunning 14 movies are currently in the works for the movie franchise.

Do you like Paramount’s Transformers movies? Someone clearly does, as the movies keep grossing huge numbers in at the Box Office. So much in fact that the Studio is pressing ahead with plans for a Cinematic Universe – consisting of at least 14 movies.

That’s the word from Michael Bay, who told MTV;

“There are 14 stories written and there’s good stuff. I would like to do one of them though… A Transformers spinoff.”


Having already helmed five(!!) Transformers movies, Bay seems to be the expert on the topic. Paramount have seen the success his franchise and so it’s only natural that they want to push it as hard as possible.

With Bumblebee getting his own film directed by Travis Knight next year, we may already be living in the world where this is happening. The fact that the Studio has plans for a future 14 movies theoretically would allow the franchise to expand well beyond its Earth confounds, bringing in more characters and maybe even exploring places beyond Earth. If there’s one major critique that fans of the cartoons and franchise seem to have with the current iteration of the franchise, it’s that it seems to involve a hell of a lot of whiny humans.

Would you want to see more Transformers movies? Are you ready for more flicks?

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