Peter Moore is one of gamings most recognisable faces. Helming EA during the past few years, he’s weathered more than a few storms in his time. Now though the executive is standing down from EA, and is instead stepping into a prominent role on Liverpool Football Club’s board of directors as their CEO.

Releasing a statement on the move, Liverpool FC explained;

Liverpool-born Moore will take up his new role in June and report directly to the club’s owners, Fenway Sports Group.

The 61-year-old is currently chief competition officer at Electronic Arts, based in the United States, and will move to Liverpool to join the club in the summer. His nearly 10 years at EA have seen him in a number of leadership positions, including chief operating officer and president of EA SPORTS.

Moore has previously held senior roles with Microsoft, SEGA and Reebok. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Keele University in the UK and a master’s degree from California State University.

The appointment completes a 10-month transition plan by FSG and finalises the senior management structure at the club.

The move has come as a shock to some in the gaming industry, not least because EA have very much allowed Moore to take a prominent role at the forefront of the company’s showcases.

As a lifelong Liverpool fan and being born in the city, it seems that Moore is looking to return to his roots. His new role will see him running the day-to-day operations at Liverpool Football Club, one of the largest football clubs in the world.

We wish him all the best!


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