Gotta Catch ’em all – or so goes the classic Pokemon song. Turn out European gamers just can’t help themselves when it comes to playing Game Freak’s popular Pokemon franchise – with Pokemon Sun and Moon selling like hotcakes. The latest entries into the much-loved series have bagged over 368,000 copies in the UK alone – with an eye watering 1.5 million units sold to customers. Not bad going for any company.

The numbers were confirmed by The Pokemon Company, which we imagine represent something of a boon for Nintendo and its aging 3DS console – which has been struggling in recent times to maintain its position in the market.

Pokemon Sun and Moon entered the UK charts 3rd and 4th earlier this week – although they were behind the juggernauts of FIFA 17 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare; so it’s not unexpected.

Rumours have been swirling in recent times that Nintendo is readying a third edition of its Pokemon Sun and Moon offerings – ready to go with the Nintendo Switch. The company has remained tight-lipped over the entire thing, but we wouldn’t be too shocked if we ended up catching them all again when the new console touches down in 2017.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are the latest twin offerings in the long-running series. The game sees Pokemon trainers heading to Alola to capture a whole host of interesting new Pokemon.

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