If you’ve seen Doctor Who Season 10’s finale, you’ll know that it’s very definitely the end for certain characters. Missy, for example, is left in a pretty damning position – after being shot in the back by John Simm’s Master. Turns out that this wasn’t the only ending considered for her story arc – as Moffat has revealed there were more fun ideas on the table.

Talking on the Doctor Who Aftershow, Moffat revealed that he had contacted Doctor Who’s former showrunner about his finale plans, leading to the pair scheming up the most ridiculous ideas;

“I wrote to Russell and said look I’m going to bring back one of your characters, “do you want the spoiler or not? And he said ‘OK tell me, tell me, tell me.’” 

“I said OK, it’s John Simm’s Master.”

“He’s going ‘oh my God the dialogue! Oh god how brilliant. Oh my god…they’re going to, aren’t they?”

It seems the pair got all excited over the possibilities this presented for the show, with discussion even turning for an insanely (possibly show ending) cliffhanger.

“I said Russell it’s a children’s show, it’s not Cucumber, we can’t do that. But we concocted this whole scheme that I’d cliffhanger out of my era on Doctor Who – handing over to Chris [Chibnall, the incoming showrunner] – with Missy telling the Master and the Doctor that she’s pregnant.”

The joke went on to state that they’d have left Chibnall with that soap-opera style ending to resolve. Quite the joke indeed!

Can you imagine the sheer anger fans would have poured over this revelation? The idea of a female Doctor is already enough to boil the blood of even the shows biggest fans – making one of the shows stars pregnant would have probably been a step too far.

Still, it’s a fun idea and given how much chemistry Simms and Missy had on-screen – it wouldn’t have been outside the realm of possibility.

Michelle Gomez has already said that she is done playing Missy. Her tenure ends alongside Peter Capaldi’s run.


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