Tips on how to read sports betting Live Odds Screen

Understanding odds, reading a Live Odds Screen, and Sports Books layout is one of the initial things bettors avail themselves with. Whether it’s the injury or the margin, the Live Odds Screen will guide you through everything. The screen acts an educated peek in the developments in the market and helps you direct your bet at the perfect spot.

Free Odds Screen:

Before you could plunge yourself into the real world of betting, you should consider learning the Live Odds Screen. Various sites on the internet offer free Screens to help users know the working of the Screen. Quite easy to understand, the Free Odds Screen offers a chance to understand the betting market and if you’re using a free one, it acts as your training session.

Free Odds Screen


You can’t keep a track all the time. Perhaps you went to sleep or have a cup of coffee, in this time you miss the odds movement. By Time Stamp, you can go back and track the line movement. You can tell how quickly the move occurred or the margin. It reveals a bigger picture of the bettor in the market.



The value meter is one of the important features of the Live Odds Screen. It helps you to analyze games that are offering value based on various factors. You can find the options just a click away. The User-friendly design notifies you about the various developments and injuries/suspensions in the game.

Live Odds Screen can seem to be very hectic when you first start using it but as soon as you get the hold of it, you will organize the Screen according to your needs. It requires a little patience and the more you work on it, the better. It’s quite easy to understand and after a few days, you will be easily able to navigate around it.


Moving on Air and Line History:

When an influential bettor places a bet, you will see the game start to move. You need to have a watchful eye over it. Out of fear, small sportsbooks will move their numbers and you need to spot it. If you can spot the little patterns in the game, you will stay ahead in the game. The common phrase in the betting is that “market isn’t always correct”. Having said that, some time you will need to take some radical steps to step up your betting game. If you track the line history, you will find patterns and times where you will have to take a firm stand, even against the popularly held belief. That’s what betting is all about: uncertainty.

Alert and Notification:

Live Odds Screen offers alerts to notify you of the developments in the game by the help of push notifications. For example, if any team misses an opener, you will get a simplified notification about it on your device. This helps you to formulate your next step.


Live Odds Screen can prove to be rocket-science at first but as you get along, you will get the hold of it. The best part about the screen is that you can customize it according to your requirements devoid of any irregularities. Though it’ll take you a few hours until you get the mastery over its working and be comfortable, you will still find it quite comfortable at the beginning. And you don’t have to worry about missing out at the developments as the tracker will get you through the history and avail you of the information. If you’re into betting, you can also try out Free Live Odds Screens available on the internet and then come back to the real one.

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