Five Nights at Freddy’s has certainly had its ups and downs in the game series, and today we will be taking a look at each game and analysing each game. The FNAF series is a horror styled game that was originally centred around fighting off animatronics that are trying to kill you or stuff you in an animatronic suit. Each game was a one of a kind in its own way, but some of the games had more downs than ups. Here is a list of the top 5 worst to best FNAF games.

5. Five Nights At Freddie’s 2

Ranking in number 5 is FNAF 2. Story wise, it did fill in lots of clues for the player as to who the killer is. It also offered many new characters and new mechanics. It was a more difficult take on the previous game. But being more difficult is not always a good thing. In this case, it seemed that the game simply became more challenging instead of scarier.

Sometimes having too many tasks to accomplish in a horror game can take away from the scare factor. I feel this was the case for FNAF 2, and that is why it is ranked at number 5 in this list.


Five Nights at Freddy’s

Coming in at number 4 is the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game. This is where it all started, so it is a very special game. It set the stage for all of these sequel games to come after it, which is very memorable and important. However, story-wise, it did not have much to offer.

It mainly focused on the scare factor and the tasks of completing each night. For the first game, this was a good move. However, I am a gamer who is all about the lore and the storyline. So for me, this is why it is coming in 4th place.


3. Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

Making it to 3rd place is FNAF 3. This game was unique from all the others, as it focused on one animatronic instead of many different ones. This made it a stand-out game from the other ones in the series. The story was there, and it was certainly the most emotional game in the series. It made me feel the most, and had all the elements of a good plot in a horror game.

The soundtracks were the best out of any FNAF game by far, and they were so good to the point of me crying from the heartfelt emotion packed in this game. However, the scare factor was a bit less than usual in this particular FNAF game. The jump scares were a bit calmer than the two previous games.

It was quite clear that the scare factor was not the primary focus for FNAF 3. However, the emotion and heart is what is making FNAF 3 come in third place.

2. Five Nights At Freddy’s 4

Taking 2nd place is FNAF 4. This game had a balance of the scare factor and the emotional story. It revealed lots about the plot of FNAF and allowed movement from the player for the very first time. The animatronic design took a whole new direction, which worked in its favor tremendously.

The game put you in the shoes of a child, and told lots of the story through his emotional journey. The game built up to the day of when the “Bite of ‘83” occurred, which was the focus of the story. A new animatronic was introduced, and that was Fredbear. He took centre stage despite the fact he was not present in every night.

The perfect combination of emotion and fear is what lands this game in 2nd place.


1. Sister Location

Coming in at 1st place is the newest release, Sister Location. For the first time, a FNAF game allowed for almost full movement and actually added some lighthearted humor and animatronic voice acting.

This game took a whole new direction for FNAF and that is what makes it the best game in the series. The amount of story that was revealed in this game was astonishing, and the final custom night that was eventually added set the scene for an entire new game to be potentially made.

The ending cut scene in the Sister Location custom night showed Springtrap, revealed who was really killed in the suit, and allowed us to hear his voice for the first time. This cutscene left a cliffhanger that could be continued in another game eventually. The gameplay was different from any other previous FNAF game and there was more story than almost any of the previous games.

All Five Nights at Freddy’s games had their positives and negatives, but some of the games just had a perfect mix of everything that made them the best in the series. However, I would not consider any of the games in the main series to be truly bad. Some just had more issues, while others hit the nail on the head with combination of fear and emotion. But overall, Sister Location takes the cake for the best FNAF game in the main series.