Since returning to WWE at Wrestlemania 33, The Hardy Boys have been a sensation. Fans old and new have been rushing to check out the exploits. Yet in their shadow, a roster of decent tag teams have been rising to give challenge to their dominance. Tonight saw Sheamus and Cesaro finally recapture their former Championships – at the WWE Extreme Rules pay per view.

The Hardy Boys faced off against Cesaro and Sheamus inside a steel cage. This was the fourth ever steel cage tag-team match in WWE; two of which involved Matt and Jeff Hardy (occurring back in 2000 and 2001.) The defeat seemed to come as a surprise to many on social media, who seemingly had the veteran brothers down as easy winners.

The match itself was hugely fun, with both teams looking good throughout. Wasn’t so much a fan of the awkward attempt to draw out the finish (With both teams seemingly heading for a draw) though I suspect this was done to protect both teams from looking weak. In the end, Sheamus and Cesaro managed to make it outside first – claiming the belts for themselves.

The result means that Sheamus and Cesaro are now two-time WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, having previously carried the belts into Wrestlemania 33. It also likely means we’ll be getting another match between these teams at the Great Balls of Fire pay per view next month.

I’m fine with this decision. Jeff and Matt are so hyped at this stage that they can eat the loss and carry on regardless. For Sheamus and Cesaro, it gives them a chance to really run with their recent heel turns. The two have made for excellent television – easily offering up some of the best foil for the Hardy Boys. Extreme Rules needed a headline like this, so it’s a good shout for all involved.

Are you happy Matt and Jeff Hardy lost their Championships? Are you glad Sheamus and Cesaro won at Extreme Rules?