If you’ve been watching WWE’s Monday Night Raw in the last two months, you’ll have noticed that General Manager Kurt Angle has had his head in his phone a fair amount. With Superstars from Miz to Paul Heyman referencing “personal issues”, the big reveal is set for next weeks show. If emerging reports are to be believed, things are about to get all kinds of soap opera.

Reportedly (according to IWNerd), the current plan is for Kurt Angle to reveal an illegitimate son. This will lead to one lucky (or unlucky) WWE Superstar being lumped with Angle as an on screen father – helping to push them as a singles competitor. The current speculation points to either Chad Gable or Jason Jordan being the one to receive this honor – both currently members of the Smackdown Live brand.

There’s further speculation that this will eventually lead to Stephanie McMahon being revealed as the mother – leading to the Triple H vs. Kurt Angle Wrestlemania 34 match that’s long been touted.

Several things strike me as odd about this. The first being that the timeline doesn’t sync up. Yes Angle and Stephanie had an “almost” on-screen affair in 2001, but that didn’t really lead anywhere. The fact that person would only be 15-16 also puts a fly in the ointment – suggesting the pair were hooking up in the mid-1990’s.

Secondly – Chad Gable is 31 and was born in 1986 – when Stephanie was 10. That’s just plain weird.

The main bulk of speculation right now suggests either Stephanie McMahon or Dixie Carter will be the one who gets revealed as a lover. Frankly, compared to the mess of an idea put forth above – I’d prefer either of those women to get the shot. At least it would make sense.

WWE has always had a tendency to throw weird storylines out there, but this one would require some huge logic breaks. Park it on the “probably not” camp”

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