2016’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was a gloriously dumb film – adding a cherry to the wonderfully garbled mess that Paul W.S. Anderson had amassed over six outings. Yet despite critical maulings and wider fan fatigue, it seems that the current license holders for the Resident Evil franchise are already working on a reboot for the series.

That’s what Variety are reporting at least, who reportedly caught up with the head of the board over at Constantin Film. He let slip that the franchise is getting retooled, although didn’t offer us any clues as to what that means.

Despite mixed responses from the Resident Evil community – the franchise of movies has managed to pull in just over $1 billion. That’s no small change and gives a good indication as to why Constantin Films is looking to do something else with the series.

The last outing, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, managed to net $312 million at the Box Office – with around $160 million of that coming from the Chinese market. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder they want to keep the gravy train rolling.

Fans of Capcom’s long-running zombie slasher will be hoping that the next iteration of movies will tie in closer to the games. Nothing killed enthusiasm for the movie franchise quite like seeing Albert Wesker reduced to awkward assistant. If they really are keen on taking the movie franchise to the top of the Box Office – they need to appeal to that core audience.


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