Revisiting: ‘Kraven Manor’ (2014)

ScreenCritics Madison takes a look back at the Steam horror outing ‘Kraven Manor’.

There is a balance needed in order to create a well-made horror game. A combination of fear, story, challenge, and emotion is needed to make an exciting and terrifying adventure. Puzzles are a way to add difficulty and challenge to a horror game, and when it is done right, it can bring a simple horror game to the next level. Kraven Manor is an example of puzzles done right in a horror game.

Kraven Manor is a puzzle horror game available on Steam and was released in 2014. It was all about solving puzzles within the mansion and putting the pieces of the mansion together to access new areas and eventually escape. We are looking back on it due to the fact that it was short and sweet, but at the same time amazing and thrilling. The graphics are beautiful and the music is intense. The puzzles are challenging without making it too difficult for the player. It is everything one would want for a horror game.

The setting and aura of Kraven Manor is absolutely amazing. It sends chills down your spine and makes you feel like you are truly in that mansion. The amount of blood and gore is just right. One thing I do not like is when the gore is overdone in a game, but this game is just right when it comes to that. The graphics are simply beautiful and perfect for this game.

Despite the fact that this game was a winner for me, the reviews from fans and critics were mixed. On Metacritic, the game received a score of 58. The complaints were that the game was too short and predictable. Some even said that it is an ‘unfulfilling experience.’ There were also many praises, such as the impressive graphics and wonderful storyline.

I believe that the game being short worked in its favor. Not every game has to be long or take hours to complete to be considered complete or well made. A short game can still have lots of impact, and I believe this game made an impact in a very short amount of time. However, the opinions are split in this case.

The puzzles for the game are fast-paced, intense, but effective. They are just the right amount of challenging for the player that it does not distract from the game itself. Solving the puzzles to get through the game on a time limit adds the thrilling factor to the game along with fear and emotion.

I decided to look back at Kraven Manor to give an example of how to balance all the elements of a good horror game. Even though the game was short and some did not like that, it was able to have an exciting impact in a limited amount of time. The puzzles are the most impressive feat of the game, as many horror games are not able to achieve that fair balance. It is important for any game to find this medium to make the game intriguing and scary. Kraven Manor is a game that is proof it is possible to find a perfect balance for this.

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