As long time fans of WWE television know, the night after Wrestlemania see’s WWE promote some of its prominent developmental talent into the main roster. Last year Enzo and Cass made their presence known – and this year another tag team has followed the pair onto Monday Night Raw. The popular Revival team will be making their way to the Monday Night show.

Fans discovered this during the Monday Night Raw show – as the team answered an open challenge from The New Day. Ultimately The Revival beat the former Raw Tag Team Champions – and injured Kofi Kingston in the process. It’s clear WWE want the team to have a big impact out the gate.

Dash and Dawson have captured a huge amount of attention down in WWE’s NXT Developmental brand. They featured on this weekends NXT Takeover Orlando – where they impressed hugely in their final NXT outing. It’s been clear for a while that the pair were ready for the main roster – so it’s no surprise to see them making their way there.

The Revival are much needed right now. Raw’s tag team division has been something of a mess for a while now – and with the Hardy Boyz returning themselves last night at Wrestlemania – there’s a lot of momentum in the division right now.

What do you think of this promotion? What would you want to see The Revival do now that they’re on the main roster?


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