Update: The official Grand Tour Twitter has confirmed that Richard Hammond is not seriously injured – thankfully.

Former Top Gear star Richard Hammond has reportedly been involved in another serious car incident during a Swiss mountain race; requiring the star to be airlifted to hospital and leaving behind a heavily burned out vehicle in the process.

The incident is being reported by Swiss media, with reports stating that the TV personality has suffered serious injuries when his car crashed on a closed road. The road was closed for the Bergrennen Hemberg race, and was being filmed as part of Amazon’s Grand Tour.

Swiss news outlet 20 minuten is reporting that police attended the scene, but have not confirmed the identity of the driver;

“Gian Andrea Rezzoli from the cantonal police St. Gallen has confirmed that in the accident one person was injured and brought with the Rega to the hospital. The person was always accessible, Rezzoli said. The accident had been on the closed circuit, so the cantonal police St. Gallen was not directly responsible for this. Nevertheless, the police had carried out a precautionary surveillance.”

Photo’s have emerged online of the wreckage – showing a heavily damaged vehicle. The car was a white Rimac Concept One, with some sources suggesting that James May was also in the vehicle at the time.

Fans of BBC’s Top Gear will likely remember the last time that the TV personality was involved in a serious car crash. The first occurred in September 2006, when Hammond crashed the Vampire dragster while travelling at 288mph. He was in hospital for several weeks and almost lost his life during that incident. There’s no reports on the state of the presenter at this time.

This is hugely worrying development for a man who previously brushed death so closely. You’d have thought that one brush with death was enough; yet the images appearing online are deeply concerning. One hopes that the injuries sustained are not life threatening.

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