After this weeks Monday Night Raw went off the air, Dwayne Johnston addressed the live crowd in the LA Staples Center – explaining to them that they were filming some brief segments for The Rock and WWE’s upcoming Paige flick. What really got fans excited though was The Rock seemingly going off script and calling CM Punk live in the ring.

Now the former WWE Champion has addressed the situation, explaining his actions on Twitter and saying what we all basically knew already – he’s The Rock and he does what he wants.

Given CM Punk’s hugely painful split from WWE several years back and the fact that the company has gone above and beyond in avoiding talking about their former Champion, hearing The Rock call him during a live address with the audience was a huge shock.

It’s being reported that Vince McMahon was far from happy with the stunt. Given how important Dwayne Johnson is to WWE and their promotional activities – I’d doubt that this will lead to any kind of repercussions. Still, it’s very interesting to see just how much leverage The Rock enjoys in WWE and how he basically feels that he doesn’t have to tow the company’s line.


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