Here we are again. It’s another WWE Raw Women’s Championship match where Sasha Banks is the Champion — and another instance where she’s failed miserably to actually defend the damn thing. Yes, Sasha lost her newly won Raw Women’s Championship to Alexa Bliss, who defeated the four time Champion clean on Monday Night Raw.

It leaves Sasha Banks with the incredibly awkward record of being a four time WWE Raw Women’s Champion, who has never successfully defended her Championship on television. Considering that those four reigns have all fallen within the last 13 months, it’s, even more, eyebrow raising.

One has to assume that WWE has a bigger picture here. Painting one of your biggest stars as a hopeless Champion isn’t a good look for anyone – in particular when Sasha is arguably one of the more liked Superstars on the roster.

It wasn’t all sunshine for Alexa Bliss though. Having just captured the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, Nia Jax made her way to the ring and offered a healthy dose of congratulations, right before dropping Alexa on her back. Seems that we already have our next Women’s Championship feud.

What bothers me about this whole thing is the damage these frequent title changes are doing. Sasha Banks is now a four time Women’s Champion. Trish Stratus was a 7-time Champion – something she achieved over a good 6-7 years in the 2000’s. At the current rate of changes, Sasha will breeze past that before this time next year. That’s just damaging to the Championship.

It’s one thing to put focus on the women, it’s another to hot potato their belt around in the name of cheap changes. This title change, in particular, felt cheap – while Alexa Bliss fans will be happy — ultimately it doesn’t do anything for the division.

Are you happy Alexa Bliss won the Raw Women’s Championship?

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