Few WWE Superstars have captured the audience’s attention like Sasha Banks. Since arriving in NXT, the red headed female Superstar has managed to amass one of the biggest followings in the company. As one part of the Four Horsewomen, her legacy within the company is already assured.

But how much do you really know about The Boss? Does your knowledge of all things Sasha make you the biggest fan out there, or do you need to brush up? Take our quiz and test your might against the facts.


1. Whom did Sasha Banks pin to win her first NXT Womens Championship?

2. Which wrestling organization did she initially train with?

3. Which celebrity is Sasha Banks NOT related to?

4. Which WWE television show did she make her main roster debut on, in 2014?

5. Who was Sasha Bank's opponent in that 2014 debut match?

6. Who did she face in her NXT television debut, in 2012?

7. What was Sasha Banks original in-ring name?

8. What was the final score between Bayely and Sasha Banks, during their NXT Takeover Ironman Match?

9. In 2016, Sasha Banks competed in 134 matches. How many of these did she win?

10. Upto (and excluding) SummerSlam 2017, Sasha Banks has won how many WWE main roster PPV matches?


How did you perform? Did you manage to overcome The Boss? Let us know how you did on our dedicated WWE Twitter feed – @WWECritics


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