The second (first official) night of E3 2017 closed out with the third annual Bethesda E3 Showcase. We were given two completely new games announced, multiple add-ons, re-releases, and a very big promise announced last night. So without further ado, let’s dig into Screen Critics Official Bethesda Showcase Review.

We kicked off the night with a very neat and heartwarming video featuring the children of the people who work at the various studios under the Bethesda Studios. These kids were asked “What do your parents do?” and they showed the honest and sometimes adorable responses from each kid. I believe this was a great way to start the conference on a very lighthearted and fun note. Once that video ended we were given a very Sony E3 2016-esque conference in which we were given nothing but trailers for the next 35 minutes.

The first trailer we were given was Bethesda VR which featured an announcement for Doom VFR and more footage for Fallout VRDoom VFR seems to be a fast paced shooter that uses the same teleportation movement that is seen in many VR games such as, Rick and Mort Virtual Rickality and Batman Arkham VR which might be odd considering the very fast-paced movement required in Doom. We were also shown some in-game footage for Fallout VR. From what they said during the conference, it seems to be that you can play/explore through the entire Fallout 4 map. We still do not have official dates for these games but we do know that it is coming out exclusively for HTC Vive.

We were then treated to a new trailer for Elder Scrolls Online which showed us a reel of streamers freaking out over a bear (I do not play ESO so I have no idea what was going on) – this reminded me of the Battlefield 1 reel they showed during the EA Play conference. They then announced two new cities coming to the Morrowind expansion for ESO.

After the ESO announcement, we were treated to an announcement that involved all the Bethesda RPG games. They unveiled what I can only describe as a cross between Bethesda and U-Play called Creation Club. Their new service allows you to spend credits to download skin modifications for both Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

Once they spoke about Creation Club they moved onto their card game in the vein of Hearthstone, Elder Scrolls Legends. They announced new storylines for the game, mainly a Dark Brotherhood storyline. I have yet to play Elder Scrolls Legends but that won’t be true for long because they also announced that the game would be coming to iPhone and Android next month. They closed out the Legends section of their showcase by announcing a new add-on to Legends with the Heroes of Skyrim expansion launching June 26th, 2017.

They closed out the Elder Scrolls section of the press conference with a showing of Skyrim on Nintendo Switch. They also showed off that you can use Amiibos in-game to unlock characters. The only character they showed was Link from Legend of Zelda as the character in Skyrim. They also revealed that you can use the joy cons as motion controllers for Skyrim. I believe this to be simply a gimmick to sell copies of a five (almost six) year old game. We still do not have a date for this release but as revealed in the end of the conference, every game and experience showed off during the showcase will be released during the current calendar year.

We were then taken to the steampunk world of Dishonored 2 with the announcement of DLC coming September 15th, 2017. The DLC is entitled Death of the Outsider and will involve characters from both Dishonored 2 and the original Dishonored. This seems to be the only DLC releasing for the sequel.

Bethesda then closed out all of their announced games with a sizzle reel of Quake: Champions which contained gameplay of pro Quake players kicking ass. They then announced BJ Blazkowicz as a playable character in Quake: Champions, which is a fairly big surprise.

Bethesda then proceeded to blow my mind with the announcement of The Evil Within 2 and even revealed a five-minute CGI trailer with what seemed to be gameplay sprinkled in. The story seems to follow Sebastian (the protagonist from The Evil Within) searching for his daughter who he has learned is still alive. The trailer gave me a very Hideo Kojima feel with its weird visuals and music. My mind was again blown when they announced the release date being Friday the 13th of October in the year of 2017. Otherwise known as 4 months from now!

The showcase was then closed out with the official announcement of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus which we was briefly teased last year during the Bethesda showcase opening. We were then given a surprisingly long gameplay and story trailer showing off new characters and locations which take place in New Orleans, LA – which would explain why New Orleans has been thrown around the Bethesda community. So our hopes of Fallout: New Orleans have officially been crushed.

Final Thoughts: Bethesda’s conference exhibited the company at their lurid best when it comes to delivering more DLC and new content, but despite a rocky build up, the conference ended on an especially high note with the announcements of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and The Evil Within 2 being months away from release.


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