E3 was filled with new games and announcements, but what often goes overlooked is the showmanship behind all the presentations. Today, Screen Critics writers and gaming staff about who they felt had the best conference of E3 2017. Do you agree with the Screen Critics team?

Joe Brichetto, Writer: For me, Nintendo absolutely stole the show. Everyone had a strong showing this year, but they all faltered in some way, from Sony’s lack of games in 2017 to Xbox One X’s hefty $499 price tag. Nintendo kept their show tight and concise by showing us exactly what we are playing for the next 6-9 months.

Furthermore, Nintendo brought the hype with announcements like Metroid Prime 4 and console Pokemon, whereas every other conference played it safe. No one had surprise announcements like Nintendo did. Somehow, the House of Mario struck a balance this year that other publishers simply lacked.


Misael Duran, Writer: I grew up with the original PlayStation and Nintendo 64, so I grew up loving the Sony and Nintendo platforms. Even though I love the Halo series, the Microsoft consoles have never interest me as much as a PlayStation or a Wii. So imagine my surprise when Microsoft was able to have the best conference this year in E3. Sony and Nintendo also had great presentations this year, with me more likely to play their games than Microsoft’s. But Microsoft did everything they needed to do.

Their lack of exclusives have been hurting them for a while, they needed to reveal a fury of exclusives before their Xbox One X is release. That is what they did, and almost every game they announce were showcased excellently. They showed so many games, and they were all not just first-person shooters. I was very impress with their amount of announcements, even though none of them convince me to actually get an Xbox One. Still, what they did in this year’s E3 was beyond of what they needed to do, so they get my vote for best of E3, 2017.


Sam Aberdeen, Screen Critics Games Editor: E3 2017 was a lot of fun, despite each conference being good, but not necessarily memorable. Well, except for one that stood out. While Sony and Microsoft did admirable jobs in keeping us engaged throughout, Nintendo held back no punches and delivered a short but stellar showcase. For many, all it took was really the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 to solidify Nintendo as the reigning champions of E3, but the line-up of games left their mark.

While it was expected that Super Mario Odyssey would impress, no one saw a new traditional Kirby game, a full-blown Pokemon RPG or Xenoblade Chronicles 2 coming – especially with such a near release date for the latter. Breath of the Wild’s DLC looks amazing, while Yoshi made a nostalgic splash. Nintendo have restored my faith in them, and I look forward to getting hands-on with (Metroid Prime 4!) all of these wonderful titles.


There’s Screen Critic’s picks for the best conferences, who do you think had the best presentation? Sound off below and make sure to check out which title we picked for Screen Critic’s Game of E3 2017


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