On July 11th, there is something new and exciting coming for Minecraft: Story Mode. The first season of the game came to a close a while back, and many of the fans wanted more. As it turns out, there is a second season of Minecraft: Story Mode coming on this date. It does leave the question: what more could the developers do with this game? The first season came to a successful and epic ending, so what direction will they take the popular game now? This question gets answered on , where they give the details of the new chapter.

In short, the new chapter still follows the main character from the first season, Jesse. The description on the website talks about a simple treasure going badly, and leading Jesse in the deep and dark depths of fame after becoming a worldwide hero in the first season. It specifically states that with Jesse’s fame, a downside to this is “having a dark and ancient power know your name.” Other than that, the description does not go into great detail about who or what this power is. That is something we will have to discover when the second season is released.

This season will consist of five chapters in total. The description of season two does reveal that the original characters from season one will be returning, which I personally appreciate. Throwing in too many characters and not enough original character could throw the second season off-balance and confused new and returning players. It seems that new and old fans can jump of board to season two. The seasons tie into each other; however, you do not necessarily have to play season one in order to understand season two, according to the description on Minecraft.net.

The first episode of season two will be titled, “Hero in Residence”, and will release on July 11th. The episode will be released on mobile devices, PlayStation 4, Mac, PC, and Xbox One.

I have high hopes for this chapter; however, it seems to be a pattern that sequels typically do not live up the original titles. I am hoping that this is not the case with Minecraft: Story Mode, and the second season is just as well-made as the first one was. The first season was a hit, and left a positive mark on the new game series. Before the first season’s release, Minecraft fans had many doubts about Minecraft: Story Mode. However, after the first season’s release, all of those doubts disappeared and it left a positive impression on the series. We can only hope that the second season will do the same. Only time will tell if this chapter lives up to the hopes of all of us fans.


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