If you thought the Raw after Wrestlemania was the only place for surprises in WWE this week, you’d be sadly mistaken. With NXT call-ups across the board, tonight was the night Smackdown Live got its own Night after Mania – and it certainly didn’t disappoint – with Nakamura finally arriving on the main roster.

The big news is that former NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura has landed on the Tuesday night brand. He arrived in the shadow of Miz and Maryse’s skit about John Cena – and instantly stole the show from the pair.

The live crowd went electric for the former NXT Champion, providing the biggest reaction to any of the new Superstars heading to the main roster. It’ll be interesting to see just who his first rivalry will be against.

The other big NXT call up came in the form of Tye Dillinger. The NXT Superstar has managed to carve out a niche for himself as “the perfect 10”. Fans were delighted to see him, and he overcame his first obstacle to claim a victory.

Of course Nakamura is the more exciting call up, if only because his world class pedigree opens up the door for so many potential matches. AJ Styles. Randy Orton. With the WWE Roster Shakeup next week – there’s even scope for some Raw Superstars to appear and make their mark. I am weary of the language barrier – something WWE hasn’t handled all that well in the past.

As for Tye Dillinger, it’ll be interesting to see if the momentum that carried him through this years Royal Rumble (Where he came out at number 10) will hold when he’s o the main roster. I personally don’t see him as a potential main event player, but I am glad that he’s finally being given his chance to shine on the main roster.

What did you think of the call ups – was Smackdown Live the right place for the pair?