Sonic the Hedgehog has been teasing a new mystery character for their upcoming game, Sonic Forces. Finally, this character has been revealed. Fans had many theories as to who this character could be, and one of the theories was correct. The new character is a “Custom Hero.” In other words, the player is able to create and customise their own hero to fight Dr. Eggman alongside Sonic.

This custom character was revealed through a trailer that showed off all of the features of this new hero. There are many options of how to customize the appearance and powers of the player’s own character. The player can create different aspects of this new hero, from the appearance to the powers of the character. This is something completely new and different from any other Sonic game, which I appreciate. However, there has been mixed reception from the fans in the comments of this new trailer.

Some fans love that this is something original compared to the other Sonic games, even calling it amazing. Other fans though say that some players that have their own OC’s, or original characters, will create their characters in the game and say that other players cannot use them. Many fans referenced the art website, DeviantArt, in terms of players creating their own original characters that nobody else can use. This feature might be loved by original character creators and DeviantArt users, but it could have its downfalls.

In my opinion, this feature is something new, fresh, and original. This idea is completely new to the Sonic game series, and I feel it is a great concept. Allowing the player to select and create their own unique character will allow for originality and creativity. For fans that already have their own original character that they have previously made, this can allow for their character to truly come to life. It would be neat to see a creator’s own original character come to life in an official Sonic the Hedgehog video game.

I do not believe that fans claiming their own Sonic Forces custom character will be a big issue. Anyone can make whatever character they choose freely, and this should not be an issue or concern to fans of the game and character creators. However, time will only tell if this issue becomes prominent within the community.

This new Custom Hero feature is innovative for the Sonic series, and the trailer built this feature up to truly be something wonderful. When the game releases, I am hoping that this new feature lives up to the hype that this new trailer has made it out to be. The trailer was intense and impactful, and we can only hope that these qualities will translate well into the actual game. Although the Custom Hero feature has mixed reception, we all have to admit that it is new and an interesting addition to incorporate into the game.

Certainly I’m curious to see how deep this rabbit hole goes – in terms of Sonic lore and if this will become a recurring theme throughout the series. Sonic Forces certainly has grabbed my attention.