If you’re a fan of South Park – chances are you’ll have been eagerly waiting for Ubisoft’s upcoming South Park: The Fractured But Whole. You’ll have been eagerly waiting for a good long time now, as the game has been beset by some highly notable delays – which have seen the game delayed by almost a year.

Ubisoft have announced that the sequel to 2014’s hugely popular South Park: The Stick of Truth will now land on October 17th 2017 in all major territories. Th press release for this new release date explains the core mechanics of the title;

“Every superhero has an origin, and Coon & Friends are no different. Continuing in their role as the New Kid, players will discover their backstory, assemble their unique costumes, and harness their fart-based powers from numerous hero classes to create their own original hero. An all-new combat system offers unique opportunities to master space and time while on the battlefield, and a revamped looting and crafting system gives players the freedom to craft their own equipment to aid them in battle.”


No word has been given on why the title has suffered so heavily from delays, but we’re willing to wager that fans won’t be so happy if this release date isn’t the final one for the title. Given that it was set to be released in December 2016 – there’s a lot of pressure to ensure the game arrives in a polished state.

South Park: The Stick of Truth was well received upon its initial release, praised heavily for delivering a faithful videogame outing for the long-running franchise. The game saw heavy involvement from the series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker – who insisted that it look and feel like a natural extension of the television series. For most fans, it achieved this aim.

Anticipation has been high for the sequels arrival – we just hope that it manages to satisfy all those fans.

Are you excited for the upcoming South Park game?