The beauty of a good horror game lies in the execution. No one wants to be bored playing a game that’s intended to make the gamer jump – but at the same time we have to be entertained by the in between bits. It’s a balance that a lot of indie horror titles fail to strike, instead packing themselves full of dull and uninteresting moments. Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion managed to find huge success when it landed a few years back in balancing these. Does its high definition remaster capture that same sense of enjoyment?

Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion high definition remake arrived on Steam on March 1st. This game now features 3D models and high definition quality graphics (a huge step up from the original). The game may seem cuddly and cute at first, but things suddenly take a turn for the worse and it becomes progressively creepier the more floors and rooms that the player goes through. It’s this sense of creepiness that ultimately makes the game work and ties together the bizarre mix of cutesy and jump scare.

The game starts off seemingly cute with cardboard cutouts of adorable characters jump scaring the player. Nothing seems to be too out of the ordinary. However, as the player explores deeper into the mansion, the atmosphere and vibe quickly takes a turn with chilling enemies, horrific paintings, and an ominous environment.

The end of the game features one final boss battle against some of these enemies in order to escape this giant mansion. It is thrilling and lets the game end on a dramatic note. However, the only thing that the game could improve upon is how repetitive the rooms seem to become. A lot of the rooms seem to be similar in their style and layout. Considering there are one thousand rooms to go through, this can quickly become repetitive for the player.

However, this can be forgiven considering how many new enemies appear on each floor and how there is always a new chase scene for each floor. This game is one that will get the player’s blood rushing and make them experience lots of adrenaline. The contrast from the cute cardboard characters to the chilling enemies, chase scenes, and atmosphere truly makes this game an experience like none other.

Since the game released, there have been a number of updates to improve stability and iron out a number of bugs that sadly plagued it’s earlier release. One of these bug fixes include the animations cycling through faster and working properly. Other small patches were made as well. All of the bug fixes can be found on the Steam page for this game.

Overall, this game has an interesting contrast from cute and creepy and is a unique experience for the player. The combination of these two factors has made this game memorable and exciting, and is what boosted it to popularity in the first place. Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion: HD Renovation’s style is like none other and is what makes this game worth a try.


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