Fans may be unsure what Star Trek: Discovery has in store for them, but it seems the team behind the upcoming television show are already planning well into the future – with talk of potential spinoff series already making its way into the wild.

The shows executive producer Alex Kurtzman spoke with Digital Spy about the upcoming show – and the possibility of turning the show into an anthology series;

“I think [an anthology series is] totally possible. It was a really cool idea, but it wasn’t necessarily an idea that everyone immediately agreed with.”

“It’s a cool idea, but at the same time, I’ve now fallen in love with the characters on this ship [Discovery]. I like seeing them. I like being with them. And I wouldn’t necessarily want to throw them away at the end of the season for a new show…I think the idea might be that there are more Star Trek series [further down the line].”

It’s interesting to hear this, as the original producer Simon Fuller pushed hard for the show to be an anthology series. While Discovery could very well remain a traditional show, the potential remains for a spinoff to take up that mantel.

The Star Trek franchise has a long history of supporting multiple incarnations of its universe. Back in the 1990’s Deep Space Nine and Vogaer aired while The Next Generation moved into movie theaters. Fans are hungry for more Star Trek, in particular given how the current reboot of movies seems to be running out of steam.

There have also been recent rumors that Nicholas Meyer (A veteran of writing for the series) is developing a Khan prequel series.

Star Trek Discovery hasn’t enjoyed the easiest of routes to television screens. Originally Bryan Fuller was onboard as a producer – overseeing the original concept. When he left the project to oversee American Gods, most of his work was scrapped. This led to mumblings of discontent and unhappiness over the direction of the whole series.

With production woes still hanging over the project, what are you expecting from the television show? Seems odd to be planning future projects when the entire thing up to now resembles a slow motion car crash – but I guess that’s the attitude you need to help a television show like this.

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