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CBS’s newest Star Trek television show may have split opinion among die-hard fans – but it seems to be doing the business for the television network.  With nine episodes left in the shows first season, the show has officially renewed the show for a second season.

Variety broke the news, sharing a quote from Marc DeBevoise – President and CCO of CBS Interactive;

“In just six episodes, Star Trek: Discovery has driven subscriber growth, critical acclaim and huge global fan interest for the first premium version of this great franchise. This series has a remarkable creative team and cast who have demonstrated their ability to carry on the ‘Star Trek’ legacy. We are extremely proud of what they’ve accomplished and are thrilled to be bringing fans a second season of this tremendous series.”

CBS made the surprising decision to put the entire first season of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access, the networks on-demand streaming service. It led audiences in the US to voice their frustration. The service has endured some teething issues, with audiences asking why they should shell out yet more money for the privilege of one television show.

Of course, there are other programmes on that network, but can you name any of them?

Speaking of Discovery, I’ve personally enjoyed what I’ve seen of the show so far. The continued alliance between Captain Lira and Michael Burham has helped to give the show some huge momentum and intrigue – as the pair look to head off the Klingon threat. With nine episodes left in the shows first season, news of a second season will help ease the concerns of fans that CBS would eject the show if it didn’t pull in huge numbers.

What have you made of Star Trek: Discovery so far? Are you excited about the idea of a second season?

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