Super Mario Run has been a huge success for Nintendo on the iOS platform – reaching over 50 million gamers and attracting 3 million sales. Android users however haven’t been so lucky, having been forced to sit out Mario’s first appearance on mobile phones. Now though Nintendo of Japan has confirmed that the wait won’t be that long, with the Android version of the game landing on the Google Play Store in March of this year.

The 2D Mario title was a timed exclusive for Apple’s iOS platform, unveiled at Apples’s big product reveal in the latter half of last year. It was a huge surprise for gamers and marked the first foray for Mario into the mobile phone marketplace. It arrived in December to much hype and has been a success for Nintendo.

One of the bigger critiques Super Mario Run has endured is the games price, which many gamers have seen as a barrier to entry. The free demo allows gamers to enjoy three levels in the game before having to pay up to access the full product. Some critique has also been thrown over the games requirement for internet access at all times. It’s likely the game will be sold for the same price, although Android has suffered from high piracy rates when it comes to its game library.

Interestingly the first Fire Emblem mobile title Fire Emblem Heroes will be arriving on Google’s Android platform first – news about that game is still forthcoming.

You can pre-order the game now on the Google Play store here.


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