There are quite a bit of odd and peculiar things on the web. However, I believe I have stumbled upon perhaps the most bizarre web game there is on the web. Although it is currently not the most popular, I would like to review this web game and shed some light on what it has accomplished in the horror genre for gaming and entertainment. This web game is Terminal 00, and the link to reach the website is here. This web game seems to go much deeper than what is originally appears on the surface, and it is overall a brilliant concept.

I have dug quite deep into the website myself, and have realized that this website has accomplished exactly what it has set out to do. When entering the site, the player is greeted by ominous music, glitchy graphics, and lots of links to choose. My first thoughts were that it resembled what I have heard about the deep web, which was unnerving enough. However, I started my quest into figuring out what this web game is all about, and I was quickly was blown away by how much content was packed into one site.

While the message that the game is trying to get across in unclear, it certainly knows how to pull the emotion’s players back and forth and question each decision as they explore deeper and deeper into the site. Although there was nothing outwardly gross or disturbing about the site, it still overwhelmed me with uneasiness and there are many factors that caused this.

The first thing I give the creator of this game props for is the music and sound effects. Honestly, this was the part that made me feel the most unsafe and on edge. Something about it being distorted and awkward made the experience feel way more intense than it would have without the music. As the player goes deeper into the pages of the site, the more intense and distorted the sound becomes. This really adds another layer of impact as you are experiencing a level of the website.

I believe that one of the most impressive factors of this game/website is how much it absolutely terrified me without displaying gore or anything obscene. The way the creator used simple glitchy graphics, text, and ambience to bring the whole game together was simply brilliant. This is something that I typically find most important in any horror experience. The overall content is holds more worth than the initial shock value, and that is exactly what Terminal 00 has presented to us.

I was very surprised at how deep the website actually goes and how many cryptic messages are strewn about through each page. The way the game attempts to persuade you to make a certain decision or make you think and feel a particular way is actually very genius. I have never had a horror experience that made me feel so torn in two different directions and pressured to make a life-changing decision, and that is what Terminal 00 did for me.

Even though this web game does not currently have much recognition, I want to shed some light at how brilliantly it was constructed. It is everything you would want in a psychological horror experience. It is a game that completely relies on the emotional and mental state of the player, which is something that is difficult to accomplish in the horror industry. I applaud this web game for doing something that so many other games have fallen short on. Overall, I would suggest giving this web game a try and seeing your own perception of it.

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