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It’s fair to say that Terminator 6 is beginning to look an impressive flick. With Arnie, Linda Hamilton and James Cameron all returning, it seems audiences may finally be able to forget the recent abysmal additions to the movies canon. Reports have emerged suggesting that we may not have to wait all that long to get more solid info for the movie – as filming is reportedly penciled in for late March 2018.

That’s according to My Entertainment World (via Omega Underground), which states that Terminator 6 will begin its filming process in late March. Currently, there are locations earmarked in several European locales, including Budapest, Hungary, and Spain. The site also states that the films production design will be helmed buy Sonja Klaus – the man behind Prometheus’s gorgeous level of detail.

It’s worth noting that Terminator Genisys is being completely ignored in the upcoming Terminator 6. The only thing that film seems to have inspired is the more global outlook of the new movie, thanks to Genisys’s huge box office takings in the oversea takings (Close to $350 million from that audience). The movie bombed hard in the US market, failing to break the $100 million barrier in domestic gross.

Terminator 6 marks the first time since T2 Judgement Day that James Cameron has had any direct involvement in the Terminator franchise. He opted to step out after the success of his original two movies, allowing others to step into the breach. The continued decline of the series, however, has seemingly inspired the director to return to the franchise he helped launch. Given the sad state of Salvation (Which featured a mopey Christian Bale) and Genisys – it’s no surprise he wanted to salvage the wreckage.

We’re also excited to see Tim Miller on board as director. The Deadpool director has a lot of positive press right now and has managed to make a name for himself in delivering quality movie offerings. With Cameron working as a producer, there’s certainly potential between the pair to fix the mess that the franchise has become.

Terminator 6 is currently scheduled for a 2019 release. We’ll keep you up to date with any news we get!

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  1. I actually liked terminator genisys I must be the only one 😟 The only one never rated was the Christian bale terminator film

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