Let’s be honest, the first two Thor films weren’t exactly great. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t hugely bad in any way – but compared to the goings on elsewhere in the Marvel cinematic universe, it was hard to get excited about Asgard. Seems that Thor Ragnarok’s director agrees, as he made his current movie with the intention of it being the only Thor film audiences will need to see.

Speaking with Screen Rant, Taola Waotiti explained that while he doesn’t dislike Thor or The Dark World, he was looking to change the direction the trilogy has been wandering down;

“Personally I feel like… if the movie’s called Thor, then Thor should be the best character.”

“I think the main challenge, for me, was actually working at getting away from the other two films. And again… Yes, the other films are there, and it’s great to watch them. I think they’re good films. But I don’t mind if people start with this film. In my mind, for me, this is is my ‘Thor 1.’”

“I’ve seen the other films, and I respect them a lot. But I can’t spend too much time thinking about this as a threequel. Because then I’ll get tied up too much in respecting what went before, and respecting what’s going to come after. It just, for me, has to be a standalone thing. Because this could be the only time I do this. And I just want to make it a version of a Marvel film in the best way possible.”

It’s a bold statement to make, given that Thor is one of the longer serving MCU characters. For all the critique those original movies bring – they certainly have their fans. It remains to be seen how these people take the new movies.

It has to be said though that nobody is really going to miss Jane and her awkwardly positioned band of astronomers. I understand why they had to frame the story around a woman from Earth, but it really didn’t do the movie any credit in the wider scheme of things.

Are you excited for Thor Ragnarok? Are you glad to see this movie acting as an effective “reboot” of the series?

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