One of the big questions hanging over the third phase of Marvel’s movies has been the time difference between each outing. It’s something that became a problem during Spider-Man: Homecoming (Which may have potentially broken the MCU timeline). Now it seems that Marvel has made another little change to their previously announced plans – with Thor Ragnarok not picking up right after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Instead, Ragnarok marks the culmination of two years worth of adventuring for Thor – who has been looking for the Infinity Stones and Thanos in that time. It helps to explain why the Avenger didn’t make his presence felt during Civil War – and why he won’t have any bearing on Earth-based events for a little while yet.

At least, that’s what Thor Ragnarok producer Brad Winderbaum explains – as he told Screen Rant, during a set visit;

“The journey he’s been on at the beginning of this movie, it’s not like five minutes after Ultron ends we start this movie: it’s a couple years later. And as we know, at the end of Ultron he’s started this quest to find the puppet master, and the Infinity Stones, and all that. What he realized really fast– I don’t think I’m giving too much away because it’s right at the top of the film, but basically that one quest, that universe-ending peril that he was trying to figure out dovetailed or branched off into any number of universe ending-perils that he’s been adventuring on for the two years leading up to the beginning of this film.”

“We find him as a lone gunslinger, you know, a guy who’s been adventuring around the cosmos for two years right at the top of our movie. He’s a more savvy version of the character. In Dark World he has trouble navigating that Dark Elf spaceship… but that’s the Thor of the past.”

The obvious question from all this is how much of Thor’s character will have changed? As we covered yesterday, the movie’s director isn’t hiding the fact that he wants people to effectively forget about the previous two movies. Two years is a long time off-screen, and it sounds like Thor has done a lot of growing in that time.

Hey, if it means less Jane and more backside kicking then we’re all for it. We’re not huge fans of the original two Thor movies here – so any attempt to salvage that mess and put distance between it and the MCU is fine in our books.

With the release date barrelling down on us, we’re keen to see if the MCU can finally get the awesome Thor outing that audiences have been craving.

Are you excited to see Thor Ragnarok?


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