Wow, where has the year gone? Already five months in and we’ve had some huge games touch down. With so much of 2017 to go, we’ve decided to pick out the games that we’re excited to see arriving in gamers hands. We just can’t wait to play these games when they land.

Call of Duty WWII

After blundering through a few recent titles, the former king of the shooter genre (in terms of sales and mainstream popularity, at least) is likely to make an explosive comeback this year. Call of Duty was, for its first three titles, a full-on World War 2 franchise. Call of Duty 4 brought the series into the modern era, and kicked off a chain reaction which lead us into space with Infinite Warfare, somehow. Fans of the originals never did take kindly to having to fight cybernetics-enhanced super soldiers, robots and invading starfleets as opposed to the Axis forces, and the sales numbers showed as much. It wasn’t how fans wanted to play.

The trailer for Call of Duty WWII was (finally) just revealed and we know that the game will be a military first person shooter set during the second Word War. There will be a relatively short single player campaign with a highly-scripted storyline and impressive cinematic set pieces, as well as a multiplayer mode that everyone and their cat will be playing until the next CoD comes along. However, the mere fact that this is a Call of Duty game set during World War 2 is cause for hype. Remember Call of Duty 2? Remember World At War?

We’re ready. We’ve been ready since 2008. We’re ready to play.


Red Dead Redemption 2

The sequel/prequel to 2010’s fantastic Wild West romp, Red Dead Redemption, is another creating a lot of hype while almost nothing is known about the game (seriously). We’re talking about Rockstar and Red Dead here, so it’s not like the quality of this game is at question by any stretch of the imagination. We’ve gotten a sweet cinematic trailer for the game and little else by way of information, but the prospect of returning to the outlaw-ridden Wild West – a setting way underrepresented in gaming – and doing so via one of Rockstar’s beautifully crafted open worlds is more than enough for us to hit that pre-order. We

The development of this title was split between the studios behind 2010’s RDR and the more recent Grand Theft Auto 5. It has been revealed that RDR2 will feature a multiplayer mode akin to GTA Online, and we’re guessing that isn’t where the similarities end. The two series have been similar in many ways in the past already, and it’s been hinted at that they take place in the same fictional universe, so we’re expecting to recognize many of GTA 5’s mechanics (including its infamous single player cheat codes) in the upcoming title.



A game linked to the Prey franchise (if it can be called that) by name alone, Prey is actually more similar to System Shock than to its non-prequel. Prey – from 2006 that is – was a linear first-person shooter about a Native American being kidnapped by aliens. An ill-fated sequel baked in development hell for a good long while, and was shaping up to be an interesting Sci-Fi game with a unique premise, but was unfortunately canned. And now we’re looking at Prey, to be launched in 2017, about the denizen of a space-station who survives… something, which results in a bunch of shadowy mutant goo-gas-ectoplasm aliens being unleashed on the station.

Bethesda has already shown off quite a bit of gameplay, and everyone who ever went up against SHODAN in the classic System Shock 2 will have recognized the obvious inspiration. Naturally many would say it’s similar to the more recent Bioshock series, but that too was inspired by System Shock, so the comparison stands. It’s immediately clear that the developers wanted the game to have its own identity in the slowly oversaturating Sci-Fi scene, so the visual style is pretty striking and unique.

After all, this is a game where you get special powers by jamming a massive needle sticking out of what looks like a camcorder into your eyeball. One of the more fun experiences of 2017, and one we can’t wait to play.