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When Nintendo released the NES Classic Console in 2016 – it captured the attention of gamers new and old. It was a device that spoke to many and showcased some of the best that Nintendo’s Entertainment System had to offer. Now with rumors that a SNES console is in the works – we figured we’d take a look back and pick out the ten games we think should be on SNES Classic Console – no questions asked.

10. Earthbound

Adding to an already exhaustive selection of SNES RPG titles, Earthbound has managed to find a cult following in the years since its initial release

The game puts you in control of Ness, a young boy with psychic powers who’s out to try and stop the alien forces of the Giygas. The adventure there is fun, quirky and downright silly at times. It’s a visual treat and packed with some of the best music on the SNES.

Not only this, it’s a title that deserves to be considered in the top-tier of SNES games. It would be a crime to overlook it.


9. Harvest Moon

A different kind of choice here. Harvest Moon arrived very late in the SNES’s life – something that meant it was always doomed to be overlooked. But that doesn’t steal from the charm of this game.

Harvest Moon on the SNES was fun, unique and helped to showcase the series before it went 3D. It was a different kind of RPG that rewarded long-term planning and delivered a different kind of gameplay experience. It’s cast of characters are fun while its atmosphere is engaging.

Harvest Moon on the SNES may not be the deepest in the series, but it’s certainly got a lot of charm to give into any SNES classic lineup.


8. Super Mario RPG

Much like Harvest Moon – Super Mario RPG was insanely overlooked on its release thanks to poor timing. While many gamers were gawping at Mario 64 – Super Mario RPG didn’t have the same kind of punch. Yet all these years later, gamers appreciate just how solid this title was.

It’s a great game with a fun and varied cast of characters. It’s one of the best on the system.


7. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

Back at a time when Mario was king – the idea of bumping him into the sidekick role was unthinkable. Yet Nintendo didn’t just do this with Yoshi’s Island, they knocked it out the park in the process.

Utilizing the SNES’s 3D chip to empower its enemies – the game was able to create a more varied and surprising bank of enemies that didn’t typically feature in Mario games. Yoshi’s Island also featured more dense levels – inviting the gamer to explore and make use of Yoshi’s special abilities as he explored every nook and cranny. The use of collectables made the game addictive and underlined just how refined the experience was in 1995 – still playing well to this day.


6. F-Zero

By modern standards, F-Zero isn’t all that impressive. Yet at the time of its release, this was one of the most important titles out on Nintendo’s new console.

F-Zero is fast, furious and unforgiving in its execution. While games like Mario Kart forgive slight failure, F-Zero requires patience to master. From its use of turbo boosts to tracks that can you hurtling off if jumps are mis-timed – there’s not an inch of this game that doesn’t challenge the gamer in one way or another.

Alongside Mario Kart – F-Zero is a showcase of just how impressive the SNES was in pushing the envelope between 2D and 3D gaming. For this reason alone – it deserves to be on any SNES Classics collection.


5. Super Mario World

Mario’s 16-bit debut was the system seller for the SNES, being bundled in with the system.

A huge visual upgrade over Super Mario Bros. 3 – the core Mario experience remained strong with a selection of power ups to compliment the gameplay (Reduced from the previous game). The addition of Yoshi into the series added a new dynamic while the variety of stages on offer opened up a world of possibilities – the games designers not afraid to ask a lot of their audience.

It’s the complete Mario package, throwing in challenge fun and variety by the spade load. It’s this balance that makes Super Mario World one of the strongest offerings Nintendo’s ever offered up. SNES wouldn’t be SNES without Super Mario World.


4. Super Mario Kart

Arguably the most beloved of all the Mario Karts – there’s no denying that the entire package here is crafted for the pure enjoyment of the gamer.

While it might lack some of the scope and ambition of the later titles, the game plays brilliantly with friends. The roster of tracks have enough tricks up their sleeves to enable frantic gameplay while the tactics at play allow everyone from beginners to experts to enjoy themselves.

Much like F-Zero, Super Mario Kart would showcase the SNES Classic console as a multiplayer hub and afford it some much-needed friend-friendly titles in the process.


3. Super Metroid

While the original Metroid was ambitious, its shortcomings are well noted. Super Metroid takes the formula laid down in this game and  turns them up to 11. Everything from the atmosphere to the music are crafted to devise a specific feeling of menace, something that hangs throughout the entire game.

The combat feels dangerous as you’re forced to explore and survive among the tight caverns that litter Super Metroid. Every turn feels like a challenge and every power up feels like an achievement unlocked; the games reward for persisting. It’s this clever design that makes Super Metroid iconic and why it simply can’t be left out of the SNES Classic console.


2. Final Fantasy VI

If we’re looking at what makes the perfect Final Fantasy experience – the blend of old and new that balances all those aspects so wonderfully – then it’s hard to look beyond FF6.

The game comes packing some of the greatest video game narrative ever committed to cartridge – with a world that’s brimming with personality and characters that feel right. The mechanics are perfectly balanced, the game play is tight and a wonderful balance between battling and plot development means you’re never left hanging for too long. It’s the culmination of everything that makes Final Fantasy so great – the centre piece of a franchise that at it’s best – is one of the best RPG adventures out there.

Given that Final Fantasy I did make an appearance in the NES Classic console – there’s hope that Square could be convinced into letting Nintendo push the title into their mix of games.


1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

If we’re talking about games that showcase the true ability of the Super Nintendo system, then A Link to the Past has to be in the discussion. Put simply no collection of top end SNES titles could exist without this hugely loved title.

The world is expansive, beautiful and deep. Traversing it never feels like a chore while the characters that fill it are charming and wonderfully realised. On top of this the combat is fluid, the dungeons are iconic while the enemies are varied and challenging. Link to the Past is Legend of Zelda at its peak; a franchise that’s confident in its direction and knows what it was doing. Even to this day it’s arguably still the best overall Legend of Zelda experience; trumping its 3D outings through competence.

Easily one of the best

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