Videogames have never been afraid to tackle the thorny issue of Nazi’s, usually casting them in the role of oppressive villain. Whether it’s Hitler or one of his many underlings, there’s no shortage of videogames that let you roll up your sleeve and give Nazi’s a good punching. I figured given the state of the world right now, I’d offer up some of the games I find to be very engaging in this sport.

Remember, it’s not right to punch anyone in the face – except Nazi’s, in videogames.

Special Mention: Sniper Elite Series

While technically not punching – Sniper Elite has managed to carve out a fabulously interesting niche in shooting Hitler with a high-powered sniper rifle. It didn’t feel right to slow it into this list – but if you’re looking for an interesting way to shoot Hitler – this might be the best way to do it.


11. South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park has never been scared to tackle the thorny issue of Nazi’s, usually with a firm tongue in cheek at the same time. When The Stick of Truth landed, many gamers probably wouldn’t have expected to be facing off against an ever increasing number of the guys – but that’s just what happened.

The aliens green goo slowly begins turning the people of South Park into Nazi’s – giving you an ever increasing pool of targets to unleash heck on. The game even makes it easy on you by giving all of these turned characters voice clips of Hitler. There’s plenty of punching on offer if you fancy, or any number of attacks. Luckily when you defeat the final boss, the Nazi threat is removed and everyone returns to normal. If only eh?

10. Wolfenstein

The gimmie of this list, but who can blame me for starting out here? The whole franchise plays heavily into the silliness of shooting Nazi’s – which it does very well. From Wolfenstein 3D onwards (I don’t know anyone who played the previous two outings), the series gloriously plays into the trope – offering you countless opportunities to take down Nazi’s and their commanders.

Perhaps the one people remember most is the boss battle with Mecha-Hitler in Wolfenstein 3D. That boss battle practically

I would say give 2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Order a good look if you’re really looking for something to help scratch this itch, as it makes a strong claim to being the best first person shooter of this decade. Plus you can punch Nazi’s on the moon – which is frankly the height of videogames in my opinion.


9. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Back when the Medal of Honor series was decent in the mid-2000’s, it helped to give gamers a proper go at playing as an Allied soldier in World War 2. These days the series is long since in the ground (Around five years since its last release) but that doesn’t mean you can’t find enjoyment from it.

Even Steven Spielberg had a hand in helping to carve this games direction. He wrote the story for the first three games in the series, culminating in the impressive Allied Assault. Here you can punch Nazi’s on beaches, in villas or in the lovely European countryside.


8. Punch-Out!!

Oh Punch-Out!!, you sly dog. While the game doesn’t actively promote any Nazi characters, it does have one particular in-game fella that all but wears the inspiration on his sleeve – which makes knocking his block off all the more entertaining.

The Von Kaiser character is a very clear allusion to Nazi imagery. His entrance theme is Richard Wagner’s Rise of the Valkyries (a German composer who harbored some very anti-Semitic feelings) and wears very military style uniform when not in the ring. Add in some luscious facial hair, and it’s clear that the creators of Punch-Out!! were going very hard on the Nazi imagery.


7. Bloodrayne

Sometimes shooting or punching Nazi’s isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to go further – it’s the only way to be sure. Luckily Bloodrayne lets you tackle this potential by throwing you into the battlefields and chowing down on the hated foes

Bloodrayne takes the Nazi beating a step further than most on this list, allowing you suck their blood and down them that way. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t incredibly satisfying to anyone playing – but you can also take swings if you fancy. Or shoot them with one of Rayne’s hilariously over-the-top weapons.

Why didn’t this game get more love again?


6. Freedom Force vs the Third Reich

Before taking gamers to Andrew Ryan’s underwater dystopia (Which in itself, shares many ideological themes with the Nazi’s idea of the perfect race) Irrational Games decided to try their hand at some Nazi beating – in Freedom Force vs the Third Reich.

The game is a third person role-playing adventure that sees you travel back in time and take on the Third Reich on their home turf, playing the role of superhero in the process. The game doesn’t look like much but those are clearly Nazi’s you’re punching (The games cover even showcases this moment heavily) and by gosh – does this game relish in that moment.

If you find first person shooters too dull, a trip back in time to play this may be the ticket for you.

5. Captain America and The Avengers

Often overlooked in the huge amount of great 16-bit games, this Captain America outing isn’t actually half bad. But we’re not here to offer reasons to play it again – we just want to know if Captain America punches Nazi’s.

Marvel’s always had a weird relationship with Nazi imagery and the Third Reich. Hydra is effectively a substitute for the ideology in their comic books and movies – which is totally fine as they usually get their backsides handed to them on a frequent basis. In this game – you’re charged with hunting down and fighting Red Skull – the main face of Hydra.

Captain America has built a reputation off the back of punching Nazi’s/Hydra agents and in this outing, there’s plenty of that going on.


4. The Saboteur 

Often forgotten, this incredibly pretty game is set in World War II France – the perfect place to crack your knuckles and get down to some beatings.

The story itself is fairly forgettable – but I doubt there are many other games starring Nazi’s that look as gorgeous as this third-person action adventure title did when letting you get to work. Certainly, the adult themes and abundance of violence on show only elevates the sport of Nazi beating to an impressive art form.

HD remaster someone? Anyone?


3. Call of Duty 2

Back before Call of Duty went all modern and futuristic, Call of Duty 2 was arguably the best way to experience the smackdown on the Third Reich. Heck, the game comes loaded with interviews of ex-World War II soldiers – who seemed pretty happy at the prospect of their story inspiring a new generation to take on the menace.

The game has a metric ton of Nazi’s on display for the punchings and shootings you’re hankering to deliver, with some of the most important set pieces from the World War making an appearance. If you want to play a game that respects the war while allowing you to open a can of whoop on some Third Reich soldiers,


2. Singularity

Singularity was Raven Software’s impressive time hopping first person shooter. Of course one of the main themes the game dives into is the topic of Nazi’s.

The game plays fast and loose with reality, sticking multiple Nazi heads on bodies, giving you plenty of scope to wail on your Nazi foe. The game does this with an enthusiastic approach that makes shooting and punching.


1. Bionic Commander

I mean come on, on the original NES game, you get to see Hitler’s face explode as you unleash your fists of fury. If that isn’t worth celebrating, I don’t know what is.

Bionic Commander was arguably the first major game to deliver this kind of experience to gamers – making it OK to wail on Nazi’s in obscene numbers. The 2009 remake isn’t quite as fun, toning down a lot of that original imagery for the sake of modern day audiences. There’s still a lot of fun to be had – but it’s really the NES classic you should fish out if you fancy getting satisfying your Third Reich itch.