Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is here, and the reviews have been mostly favorable to positive. Most agree that the game’s gameplay is great, but the visuals and presentation are sorely lacking. Another big issue is the roster, with only thirty characters available from launch; it is the smallest initial roster of any Marvel vs. Capcom since the first game. With many fan favorites missing on the roster, I came up with a list of returning characters I think should be in the game.

6. B.B. Hood

Darkstalkers was a great fighting game series that never got the attention it deserved. While Morrigan from Darkstalkers has remained a gaming icon over the years, almost everything else about Darkstalkers fell into almost obscurity. Fortunately Felicia from Darkstalkers also still has a role within Capcom, appearing in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and 3. Jedah, the main villain of Darkstalkers 3, is in Infinite and he is awesome in it. Felicia is suspiciously absent in Infinite, and there can be a case that she deserves to return as well.

However I do not like playing as Felicia in Marvel vs. Capcom, so instead, I want B.B. Hood from Darkstalkers 3 to return. A cute little girl wearing a red riding hood, B.B. Hood is secretly a psychopath who wants to kill all the supernatural creatures. She uses guns, grenades, and rocket launchers to face the creepy foes of the night. She is such fun character, and I would love to see her return. In fact, I would love to see more Darkstalkers characters in MvC. Every character in Darkstalkers I feel like have very strong designs, and I want to see them in more games.


5. Blackheart

The evil son of Mephisto, a demon that is the closest thing to Satan that Marvel has, Blackheart had a really cool design in the Marvel vs. Capcom games. He was certainly a random choice, as I do not think he was in anything outside of the comics during the time period of the early Marvel games. He would later be the main villain in the first Ghost Rider movie, yet he looks and acts like nothing than the Blackheart in the comics.

Still a fairly obscure villain, he still had an opposing appearance and the moves he had in the Marvel vs. Capcom looked great. He was able to summon little demons to help attack opponents, and I wish I could see that visually presented in a 3D environment. He deserves another crack with MvC, at least to give Dormammu a sparring partner.


4. Jin

If Transformers and Gundam have taught us anything, it is that robots are the winning formula to make anything awesome. Robots are one of three things that are proven by science to be the coolest things in existence; the other two things being dragons and dinosaurs. So Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness failure to catch on as a popular fighting game series goes against science. It has giant robots fighting against each other, piloted by over-the-top anime characters. How did this not catch on?

At least Marvel vs. Capcom didn’t let a good character like Jin Saotome to go to waste. The lead character of Cyberbots, Jin was a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and 2. Able to summon his trusted mech, Blodia, Jin was a great character to play as in those early games. Somehow, Capcom made the mistake of not including Jin in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (or Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3). Not only did they make that mistake once, they made it again in Infinite. Since it goes against science to not have a giant robot, I think Capcom should rectify this mistake and finally bring back Jin. Also, Ultron Sigma doesn’t

Also, Ultron Sigma doesn’t count, because he’s evil.


3. Doctor Doom

Before you type in the comments, first know that Marvel owns video game rights for all their characters. This includes X-Men and Fantastic Four – the only reason why Capcom did not want to put the X-Men or Doctor Doom in the initial roster is probably that Marvel Studios (and possibly Disney) did not want characters owned by a different company to be “advertised” in their game. Fox Studios owns the movie rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four.

Yet that doesn’t stop them from eventually bringing over the X-Men and Fantastic Four through DLC at some point; in fact, I believe it is an inevitability. Doctor Doom, the arch nemesis of the Fantastic Four, has been a major presence of the Capcom versus series since the beginning. Having him not be in it feels odd (not as odd as not having any X-Men characters though), and he needs to return. He is an iconic villain that movie screenwriters cannot seem to understand (or at least Fox screenwriters) – he deserves to be in a property that would respect him.


2. Captain Commando

Interesting tidbit, before Megaman was solidified as Capcom’s mascot, Captain Commando was considered to be the company’s mascot. He would appear in manuals for Capcom’s games, saying things to the reader. His name abbreviated also reads as Cap. Com. He eventually got himself a beat-em-up game called Captain Commando, which eventually fell into obscurity.

He would show up later in Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and 2, and he was a very fun character. Sadly after the second game in MvC, the character almost completely disappeared outside some cameos. He deserves a comeback, as the character is just too important in Capcom’s history to be forgotten. He also has an awesome theme that is long overdue for a modern remix in an official Capcom game.


1. All the X-Men and X-Men Villains

‘Nuff Said. The fact they’re not in Infinite, to begin with, is laughable.

Sort it out Capcom.