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Everyone loves a good story. Lots of fun twists and exciting thrills that keep the entertainment flowing. Yet gamers have had to endure something of a mixed bag when it comes to seeing resolutions to some of these tales. With sequels to build and the hope of long-running franchises – cliffhangers offer a great chance to entice audiences to return for more.

These are video game cliffhangers that developers left dangling – cliffhangers we’ll likely never see resolutions for.

6. Resident Evil Gaiden

To be fair, Capcom has always played fast and loose with the Resident Evil franchise – throwing the canon around with all the care of an airport baggage handler. Yet Resident Evil Gaiden arguably has the biggest case of canon busting lore – which may go some way to explaining why Capcom opted to ignore the game.

The ending to Gaiden heavily implies that the shapeshifting monster you’re tasked with killing has actually taken over Leon – one of the series main characters. This implication is fairly substantial and would have some incredibly long-reaching consequences for all the games ahead of it – if the series paid any attention to it.

Gaiden currently sits in the “non-canon” folder within the Resident Evil franchise. Subsequent games have effectively ignored it and with good reason – the game sucks. Many who love the series have ignored it; giving Capcom all the reason to pass it over.


5. James Bond 007: Blood Stone

This James Bond spin-off is an incredibly interesting beast. Developed by Bizarre Creations, it stars Daniel Craig and falls within the newly minted James Bond canon. Yet the huge plot twist of an ending throws a spanner in the works – something that will likely never see a resolution.

The end of the game reveals that the big mystery bag guy gamers have been chasing is bigger, more scary and daunting that MI6. Better yet, your lovely female accomplice is about to blurt out the name of said man so Daniel Craig can chase him down. Except that doesn’t happen because our lovely Bond girl comes down with a case of the dead (courtesy of a drone strike). Cue the end credits and the promise “James Bond will return”.

Several things mean this likely won’t occur. The first being that the James Bond license has long since disappeared from mainstream gaming. Activision don’t currently hold said license, meaning any James Bond game will likely fall outside of this canon. The second involves Daniel Craig – who’s huge price tag likely means he won’t be sitting down in a recording booth again to bring Bond to life for video gamers. I guess this is one of those cliffhangers we shouldn’t ever expect resolution on.


4. Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid V is a great game, but the production issues around it guaranteed that it would never be the game we truly wanted. As showcased by the dropping of some major plot points to meet the games release date.

One of the games major plots revolves around Metal Gear Sahelanthropus – one of the first Metal Gear devices to pose such a threat. Naturally, you defeat it and take control of the hugely powerful device – only to lose it to a group of children. The game seems to be teeing up a huge showdown – something that’s all but dropped right after.

Turns out there was supposed to be another chapter in the game If you buy the special edition, you can look at a heap of content – none of which is playable. Had Konami not rushed production along, there are every chance gamers would have seen a proper resolution to one MGS V’s major story threads. As it stands, the entire thing makes the game’s story feel incomplete.

3. P.T

I debated heavily including this one on the list, if only because P.T was never really a full game. Then I remembered how much I loved this playable demo and suddenly the disappointment came rushing back.

Positioning itself as a teaser for the Silent Hill series, the playable demo was hugely adored by horror gamers. With so many creepy ideas and a teaser for the town itself at the end, it seemed that P.T. had managed to do its job of getting gamers hyped. Then Kojima and Konami had their insane falling out and the entire project was scrapped.

The fallout from this breakdown in relations hit P.T. so hard that Konami actively removed the game from consoles that had downloaded it. In their desperate attempt to scrub existence of the game, they robbed gamers of a truly exciting experience – and arguably set in motion the events that would see Kojima leave Konami. The game had a lot of unique ideas and would have arguably made for a unique experience – but alas, these will never be realized.

There is a new Silent Hill game in development – but it won’t have anything to do with this amazing little demo.


Not many people remember XIII, the comic book inspired first-person shooter from the early 2000’s – that’s a real shame as it’s one of the generations more criminally underrated games.

The story sees you chasing the illusive XX group – a band of mysterious men who assassinated the President of the US, setting you up in the process. As it transpires, it was the Presidents brother behind the whole thing – lending a huge twist to the game. Sadly before you can do anything with this information, you’re confronted by the brother and the screen cuts to black. “To be continued” declares the game. If only we say…

The game never got its intended sequel, largely down to poor sales. Ubisoft has toyed with the idea of returning to the series over the years – but we suspect that it’s unlikely. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a reboot of some kind one day…

Who knows, maybe we’ll get a reboot of some kind one day…

1. Half-Life 2: Episode 2

Did you know that Half-Life 3 hasn’t been released? I know right, how did we miss that? Valve really shot themselves in the foot with the execution of their episodic Half-Life series. The intention was to drip feed new Half-Life content to gamers on a more regular basis – it ended up making audiences wait long periods anyway. Perhaps ending the second episode on the mother of all cliffhangers didn’t help things.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 ends with Alyx cradling the body of her dead father – having just forced the gamer to sit through a harrowing cutscene where he gets murdered. It’s a ballsy move and in the hands of a developer willing to follow-up – could have been special. But here we are in 2017 and no closer to a resolution.

It’s made more frustrating by the occasional leak from the intended third outing. Most recently, one of Valve’s ex-story writers released the framework for what once was intended to be Half-Life 2: Episode 3. We can’t even say we’re frustrated at this point – more just amused that this is the most defining of cliffhangers in gaming.

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