Top 8 PlayStation One Hidden Gems Gamers Overlooked

Sometimes there’s too many great video games to go around. When it comes to Sony’s original PlayStation, there was an avalanche of original, new titles that simply blew gamers away. Though the console performed brilliantly, there are a few games in its library that went seldom played – whether due to lack of interest or lack of knowledge. The following, in my opinion at least, deserve more love than they got. So here are some PlayStation One games you likely have never played!

8. Bushido Blade

Truly an interesting title, Bushido Blade was a ‘fighting game’, and yet, featured nothing LIKE a fighting game.

It didn’t have health bars, combos – why, what it did have instead was an attempt at accuracy in terms of damage sustained. You had confrontations that often ended in 1 to 3 hits, with realistic damage simulation – so if you cut an opponent’s leg, they might crawl around, etc. One of its kind, and, as far as I know, nothing like this has been attempted since – except for maybe the sequel, of course.


7. Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn (AKA Chase The Express)

This game is an odd one – it’s essentially Resident Evil …on a train. Replace the zombies with terrorists and BAM!

As a special agent overseeing a train with a dignitary on-board, you soon get hijacked and most of your escort murdered – so you must trawl through the train trying to keep your target alive. It was a very enjoyable game with a surprisingly good soundtrack. It also featured multiple endings, and some ridiculous boss fights. Incredibly underrated on the PlayStation One.


6. Chocobo Racing

I was never really a fan of racing games and I didn’t know what Mario Kart was – or was like. And yet, Chocobo Racing was so much fun – frenetic game play, really bouncy and varied soundtrack.

References to series staple locations, characters, recurring motifs. Each element you absorbed did something else. The more of it, the better the effect! It featured a good cast of racers, about 14 tracks, a story mode and a quick end to your best friendships if you happened to split-screen. Easily one of the better Mario Kart clones on PlayStation One, and certainly better than a lot of the licensed rubbish that ended up washing up on the console.


5. Digimon Rumble Arena

Why yes, the massively popular Digimon franchise has had a PlayStation-based fighter!

This fighter had a forgettable but really energetic soundtrack, a whole slew of characters available for selection! It was a fairly solid game, worked on all fronts without too much issue. Key features included stage hazards, incorporating digivolution into fights,  and some very hectic fighting when friends joined in the combat! While not one of the best fighters on the console, it was competent enough to warrant more attention from gamers, and certainly worth a look back if you find yourself hunting for a new game.


4. Evil Zone [Eretzvaju]

This anime-style fighter is quite entertaining! It features an outstanding soundtrack, quirky characters and..laughable voice acting. That aside, you might think that its ‘two-button’ combat system is simple – but moves tend to behave differently depending on your distance from the opponent! Each character had his or her own version of things, the finishers were quite nice for the time – and each character also had their own story mode, usually presented as a sort of TV show.


3. Galerians

Another ‘Resident Evil, BUT’ games. In this one you play someone who’s brain has been messed with – you literally attack with your mind, and implants.

The enemies are all sorts of fun, deranged patients, mechanical opponents. It’s also a very challenging game, but if you are a fan of survival horror, definitely see if you can play this one – despite being a close relative to Resi, it does manage to offer its own unique twists to some of the formula’s individual bits.


2. The Legend Of Dragoon

This astounding RPG featured interactive combat, a varied soundtrack and a four-disc spanning story of mistakes, power, and betrayal. Entirely developed by Sony themselves, it’s a real tragedy that – so far – no sequel materialized. A cancellation is all fans have – and memories of this solid, 40+ hour game with its difficult combat, punishing boss fights and a quirky, well-developed cast of characters. Hopefully one day Sony will realize what a great opportunity this is .


1. Tombi!(Tomba!)

Here we are! A game about being an…odd fellow who has lost his bracelet.

Game play is 2D movement in a 2.5D world, jumping on platforms and people and things to accomplish the various tasks and errands lining your quest log.  It was light and colorful, nothing too complicated, but all the little things you could do in this game made me glad there was a sequel with MORE Things to do. If you’re a fan of platformers, give this one a look! It’s certainly a show stealer on PlayStation One!


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