It’s become one of WWE’s biggest memes. When someone captures their first World Championship, it’s not long before Triple H is posting a photo with said Superstar. Some see it as a good thing, others less so. Turns out that Triple H isn’t a huge fan of the entire thing himself – but does it to help get the guys over.

Speaking with Michael Cole, Triple H explains;

“When I don’t need to step into that, I’m happy to step out of it… Trust me, when they come to get me to shoot that picture when I’m pointing at the guy, it is the last thing I possibly want to do at that moment in time, is go take that picture, but I have to do it.”

Triple H did go on to discuss what the intended purpose of those photos are – in particular how he views them as a chance for others to be built up.

“You know why I take pictures with everybody? Because I’m more famous,” Triple H said. “When I do that, and I take a picture, just on Twitter alone I got six million people that see it when I tap that picture. I make them something bigger, and that’s the attempt.”

“When they don’t need it, I don’t stand next to them anymore. When people ask me, ‘Well, why didn’t you stand next to that guy when he won the title on SmackDown?’ He doesn’t need it,” he said. “He didn’t need that promotion. If I can help them, I help them. If I can take them to another level, I try to take them to another level. That’s what this is all about, creating the future. If I can do that, and help create the future, then I do.”

It’s an interesting interview for WWE themselves to do. I’m not really sure quite why we needed to know about this – I suspect that Triple H enjoys coming off well in these interviews.

The photos themselves are largely harmless. The only issue I have is that when a major heel wins the belt, the last thing they need is Triple H making them look like a stooge. It comes off somewhat awkward with some Superstars – potentially character breaking.

What’s your opinion on the photos?


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