Scott Cawthon, the developer of Five Nights at Freddy’s, has finally spoken out and given his fans an update regarding the status of the upcoming FNAF game, movie, and book. Details can be read on the update here, but what he stated was rather shocking. In short, he said that he has been working on FNAF 6, but has chosen to stop progress on the game and leave it be. This news of cancelling the game is something nobody expected.

The issue is whether this is the truth or another one of Scott’s trolling attempts. Scott Cawthon is known for trolling his fans, and he has become quite good at it as well. For example, back when Sister Location was in development, he put out a devlog stating that he felt the game was too dark and decided to release a “mature” version of the game on its own. However, this turned out to be a rather hilarious troll from Scott.

Despite the fact that Scott Cawthon has a reputation of trolling the FNAF community, something about this update does not feel like a joke. My first thoughts were that he would not have mentioned his family if it was a very clever attempt at trolling. In the devlog, he states that he would like to spend more time with his family. Another point that I noticed is that he said he would like to catch up on the FNAF fan games that the community has made. Once again, this does not feel like something Scott would use to troll the community.

If it turns out to be one big joke, then we will see that Scott Cawthon is willing to go to great lengths to troll the FNAF community. Even though those points mentioned do not feel like something someone would use to mess with their community, this is something we cannot be too sure of at the moment.

However, if Scott Cawthon is being completely sincere with his community, then I openly accept his decision to take a break from working on the main Five Nights at Freddy’s game series. He has worked very hard since 2014 when the first Five Nights at Freddy’s game was released, and he has not majorly disappointed the community once. Even though Scott may be taking a break from working on FNAF 6, he has plenty of other FNAF-related projects in the works that he has had a hand in creating. For example, the sequel book “FNAF: The Twisted Ones” released just a few days ago, and it has been spectacular. There is also a movie coming right around the corner, and a VR title is on the horizon for FNAF.

From my experience, when you take a step to look back at all you have accomplished and take a short break, it can motivate you to come back even harder and stronger. Perhaps this break from the main game is exactly what Scott needs to make his future projects even more impeccable than they once were. When you look at all that Scott has done for the FNAF community, it only seems fair that he would be worthy of a break from the main game series.

Overall, this shocking devlog could be honest and truthful, or a very serious troll that has had lots of time and effort put into it to make it seem as real as possible. Either way, this news was something that nobody expected, and we will have to wait and see what the future of Five Nights at Freddy’s holds for its community.