Why I Feel Undertale is Overrated

Find out why Screen Critics Madison doesn’t share the wider euphoria when it comes to Undertale. Did you like Undertale, or do you agree?

Undertale is an adventure RPG styled game for the PC that has been extremely popular and loved for quite some time now. However, I have always questioned what makes this game so great compared to the other RPG titles out there. There are some issues I have personally found with the game that leads me to believe it is overrated for what it is.

My first issue with the game is the fact that it is considered an RPG despite the way the gameplay is. There are two routes a player can take within the Undertale: the Genocide route and the Pacifist route. Genocide is when the player kills every monster they encounter, and Pacifist is when the player spares every monster they come across. However, if the player takes the typical RPG Genocide route, there are consequences. I have a problem with this because a typical RPG would be for a player to defeat every single monster they encounter. However, Undertale punishes you for playing this game as a true RPG. Why consider this a true RPG if the player is punished for playing the game through as a typical RPG would be played?

However, Undertale punishes you for playing this game as a true RPG. Why consider this a true RPG if the player is punished for playing the game through as a typical RPG would be played?

Another issue I have encountered is the popularity of two characters in Undertale, Sans and Papyrus. I found their personalities and character designs to be unoriginal and typical, and the characters themselves to be generally overrated. Their personalities did not strike me as anything new and original to the gaming scene. These characters have opposite personalities, with Sans being laid back and lazy while Papyrus is confident and a hard worker. The fact that these brothers have opposite personalities is nothing new or clever.

On top of this, these two aren’t even main characters to the series but have been treated as such. I feel that a lot of important characters that have more significance to the series get overlooked because of the popularity of Sans and Papyrus. It is really sad considering there are some original characters in the series, but they are not showcased as much as they should be because of how popular Sans and Papyrus have become. Other characters such as Frisk, the main character to the series, have taken the back-burner to the skeleton brothers. I even feel that Frisk is more of an original character compared to Sans and Papyrus, this character has also taken a backseat and is not properly appreciated compared to the other two.

Then there’s the whole situation around the game. It’s near impossible to have a proper critical discussion over Undertale because of how shielded it is from said critique. Point out the game’s flaws to fans and they get thrown back as part of the games “charm”. Discuss weaknesses and they get framed as nitpicking. It’s hard to remember a game that feels so immune to deeper discussion.  Sure the game has some great ideas, but the execution left me feeling wanting.

Although Undertale does have some positive qualities that could potentially make it a better game, there are many flaws that lead me to believe that this game is overhyped and overrated. However, I do believe this game has the potential to be something greater with fewer flaws. Undertale could be a true RPG is some of the gameplay was altered. However, considering this is more than likely not going to happen, I can safely say that this game has been overrated for a long time now, and will always be that way.

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