Warner Bros Reportedly Eyeing Up R-Rated DCEU Movies

It’s being reported that Warner Brothers is looking to juice up some of its upcoming DCEU movies with a little R-rated action. Will it work?

Roll back several years and the idea of R-rated Superhero flicks would have been a pipe dream. Marvel’s carefully constructed Cinematic Universe may be many things – but R-rated it most certainly isn’t – meaning there’s a huge market for the adult orientated films. Thanks to the success of Fox’s Deadpool and Logan flicks, the floodgates are seemingly open to all – which makes the news that Warner Bros is pondering incorporating such films into its roster of Superhero movies very interesting.

According to The Wrap, the studio is slightly green with envy at the huge fists of money Fox has been raking in from it’s R-rated exploits; sourcing telling the website;

“One hundred percent yes. With the right character(s).”


To be fair to Warner Bros, it’s already made the half leap into this arena by releasing the R-rated Extended Cut of Batman V Superman. That was much better received than the cinematic cut – again pointing to the notion that the studio is sat on a potential goldmine.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever see the likes of Superman in such movies, if only because cutting out a large slice of the potential audience would be foolish. But if the correct characters could be crafted and brought in, there’s no reason why Lobo (Who is insanely violent in the comic books) and Black Adam (If Dwayne Johnson is on board).

I’m down for this personally. R-rated films shouldn’t be a bandage for poor storytelling – but do offer up the potential for movies to tackle more mature themes. Since Marvel will never, ever commit to such a project – it leaves a wide market for the rest of the studios to race into. It’s already being reported that Fox is shifting a number of films into this category – so don’t be surprised to hear more rumblings of this in the coming years.

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