If you’ve hung around Youtube long enough, there’s a good chance that you’ll have bumped into WatchMojo. A channel dedicated almost exclusively to creating listicle videos and Top 10’s, they have managed to amass a huge following. This week it’s come to light that the company have lifted some content from smaller Youtubers.

The incident in question took place earlier this week when Youtube personality Larry Bundy Jr. discovered that the huge Youtube channel had stolen the research he’d put into a video on “Worst Selling Consoles”. He revealed this in a series of Tweets;

Larry was able to identify the theft of information thanks to slight tweaks in information he’d made in his video. It meant that the information WatchMojo were presenting (and thus, making money off) was actually none of their own. Someone in the WatchMojo office had simply taken all the information and put it wholesale in their video, without crediting Larry or acknowledging his hard work.

It didn’t take long for Youtube audiences to catch on, pressuring the channel to take the video down. They eventually did, but not before turning full on dick in the process. Larry revealed in a follow-up Tweet that he had received a response from the Youtube channel. but it wasn’t quite the apology he was owed;


To me, that reads like “You shouldn’t be putting traps in your videos so we can’t get caught” which is amazingly arrogant by WatchMojo. This arrogance carried over onto Twitter, where the company was seemingly poking fun at the entire thing;

It’s amazing to watch an outlet like WatchMojo spin its wheels on this. For an organisation that employs so many freelancers, you’d assume they’d work on fact checking.  As it stands, the company have acknowledged the incident but opted to behave like a three-year-old – making the incident worse for themselves. WatchMojo has over 15 million subscribers to their main Youtube channel, giving a sense that they should have reacted better to this.

All they needed to do was acknowledge and credit Larry, this would

In an age where online content is constantly being shared and passed around, it’s hard to keep track of where that information comes from. It shouldn’t be OK, but in an age of social media and the desire to make as much money as possible on Youtube – company’s like WatchMojo will do this. The real loser in it all are the Youtuber’s that lose out. They don’t get to grow, nor do they get the benefits. WatchMojo gets to pick up the Adsense money and make out like bandits.

It makes you wonder just how many of their have been created under this cloud. Maybe they should do a Top 10 list of their favourite stolen videos.

Maybe they should do a Top 10 list of their favourite stolen topics.


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