Hello everybody, and welcome back to The WCW Nitro Saga. This week we’re going to get the fallout from Halloween Havoc which happened the night before this show, as well as possibly some newer stories and more. Did Hulk Hogan retain the WCW Championship against The Giant? Did Macho Man and Lex Luger do battle at the PPV? We’re gonna find out the answers to all these questions and more, this week on the WCW Nitro Saga.


When?: October 30, 1995
Where?: Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio


Oh boy, here we go. Y’know, I was listening to Carly Rae Jepsen before I started doing this. Now I’m gonna have to listen to Mongo for at least the next forty-five minutes. On the bright side, this week’s episode is a whole minute shorter than usual, so I’ve got that going for me. We start off with commentary selling their shock over what happened last night at Halloween Havoc. Between Hogan and The Giant, I’m assuming. Eric Bischoff says that Randy Savage is “out” and that Eddie Guerrero will now be facing Sgt. Craig Pittman tonight. That’s what now? Three episodes in a row for Eddie? That might be a new record at this point in Nitro’s history. I’m also kind of excited to see Craig Pittman again after that match he had against Kurasawa a few weeks back. I thoroughly enjoyed it. No time for reminiscing though, as we get straight into the action.


Match #1
Eddie Guerrero vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman


We start off with Pittman psyching out Eddie as Eddie tries for some take-downs and what have you. Lots of trash talk as well from Sgt. Craig Pittman. I don’t remember him being this cocky in his last match. It’s like he’s a completely new man. These two men lock up, only for Pitbull Pittman to overpower Eddie and send him into the corner. Two very interesting styles clashing here, I’m intrigued to see how this match is gonna go once things get off the ground. They temporarily lock up again, but once again Pittman overpowers Eddie, this time lifting up him and slamming him down with an amateur wrestling-esque suplex. You know, that type that Jack Swagger always used to do. Eddie tried for a double leg takedown but got caught and slammed once again by Pittman. I can’t believe the legendary Eddie Guerrero is getting owned right now by this schmuck. Sgt. Craig is almost… mocking, Eddie. Just getting in his face, talking trash, and he’s doing so while wearing pajamas. What a world 1995 was, eh? Finally, Eddie is able to scoop up Pittman and slam him down with another Jack Swagger suplex. Now Eddie is the one talking trash. That’s more like it. Heart eyes.

Well so much for that, after a brief stare down Craig Pittman cleans Eddie’s clock with a punch to the face. The commentary is really hyping this up as being a big man vs. little man match, but really Eddie isn’t all that much smaller than Sgt. Craig. It’s an uphill battle, sure, but not that much uphill. Pitbull lays in with some right hands and knees while Eddie is in the corner. He follows that up by locking in an armbar while Eddie is holding the ropes! I can’t make this up, guys. The referee gently rubbed Pittman’s shoulder to get him off of Eddie. What a travesty. More striking from the arrogant-and-in-control Pittman. Eddie fights back now with some chops and an uppercut, which Pittman sold like it was a bullet to the chest. This guy is amazing. Eddie’s picking up the pace now with some high and low action, leading to a jumping heel kick, and down goes Sgt. Craig. I also just want to mention how Sgt. Craig’s pants remind me of Tony’s gear from SmackDown vs. RAW 2009. I don’t remember the exact story for that character, but it was a cool idea. I wish they’d do more stuff like that sometimes in the video games. Give us random pre-made custom characters. Hell, TNA did it and they got a whole new TV character out of it with Suicide, so y’never know. Eddie attempts a pin off the kick, but can only get himself a two count. Soon after, Pittman gets to his feet and nails Eddie with one hell of a clothesline. He made Bradshaw and Stan Hansen proud with that one.

Pittman locked in some kind of weird armbar for a few seconds after attempting a pin. He then sent Eddie into a corner, and rolled him up, for the sake of rolling him up. There wasn’t a pin situation, nothing. Just a helpful role. What the hell. More basic offense follows from Pittman until he locks up Eddie’s arm in the ropes for another hold. His strategy is becoming clear now – target the arm. I see you, Craig. Oh my goodness, Pittman grabs Eddie’s arm and just pulls back on it. My writing does not do it justice, it looks freaking brutal, like some MMA type shit. God damn pal. The referee forces a break, and now Pittman is back on the assault with strikes. Suddenly a huge belly to belly overhead suplex from Pittman takes down Eddie Guerrero. He took a second there to capitalize on that maneuver, therefore his pin attempt was unsuccessful. There’s a lesson to be learned here, kids. When you get your opponent down, pin him as fast as you possibly can. Don’t take any time to soak it all in, because that’s recovery time for your opponent. Latino Heat takes some shoulder blocks to the targeted arm by Sgt. Craig, until he’s able to fight back with some sort of enziguri-like move. Eddie locks in a side headlock now, which is strange considering how deep into the match we are. It leads to your usual shoot-off, flippy shit combination of moves. Eddie then leaps onto the top rope from the mat to hit a huge crossbody, but it only nets him a two count.

Sgt. Craig Pittman practically no sold that, as he gets up right away after the pin to hit another overhead belly to belly on Eddie Guerrero. He then goes for a cover, but Eddie is able to get his foot on the rope before the three. Pitbull hits a tilt-a-whirl powerbomb, yet doesn’t go for the cover. You’re messing up, my guy. He instead picks Eddie up and sends him off the ropes, which leads to Eddie coming back and rolling him up for the upset victory! That is right my friend, Eddie wins. You could even say he…. stole the win here tonight. Wink wink.

That was a strange match. Not particularly good, but not bad either. Too much Craig Pittman, not enough Eddie, but I guess that also helped build the story over the course of the match. Therefore I am going to say I liked it overall.

Match Rating: 2 Stars


Oh my god Scott Norton vs. The Shark is next. I totally jinxed myself when I mentioned this last week. Well, hopefully, this will be quick and painless.


Match #2
Scott Norton vs. The Shark


Scott Norton looks like a dad, he really does. Also apparently Bobby Heenan has left the commentary table for reasons unknown as of this point in the show. Great, that’s just lovely. That could have been Mongo, but nooooooo of course not. Anyways, these two giant men lockup ’cause that’s what you do when you want to seriously hurt someone. Shark gets Norton into a corner and starts going to town on him with punches and forearms, and then seals the deal with a belly to belly suplex. Man, tonight is belly to belly night I guess. Everyone is using at least one per match. If I didn’t know any better, I’d expect Bayley to show up soon. Shark gets up and lands a huge elbow drop into a cover, but can only get himself a two count. You’re not gonna take down Dad that easy, Earthquake. After some more shots from Shark, Scott Norton is able to fight back with two huge clotheslines before going to the top rope for a diving shoulder block. Nice. Norton then picks up Shark and slams him down with relative ease, in an impressive showing of strength. He tried a pin, but only gets a two. That would have been an awesome finish right there.

We get some strike exchanges before a double clothesline, and now both men are down. Meanwhile, on commentary, Mongo is talking about Bobby Heenan “going” in his shorts, and that he might be backstage changing clothes. Bischoff, either way, doesn’t seem too concerned with where Bobby Heenan went, or what he’s doing, which I find weird. I can only hope he’s finding Hercules or someone else from the Heenan Family to come out and fight Mongo. We get a shot of the crowd and see Heenan sitting at a table with a serious looking man, and they appear to be talking about money while eating food. That was not what I was expecting, at all. Norton comes off the apron with an elbow to the back of Shark’s head, who was recovering on the floor. Following that we get back and forth strike action until Shark sends Norton shoulder first into the ring post. Ouch. They continue to brawl all over ringside and up the ramp as they get counted out. They don’t seem to care, however. So, all’s well that ends well?

Match Rating: 1 Star


Man, the brawl didn’t stop until both men sent each other head-first into the last ‘W’ in WCW up on the stage. Shark then ran away, and now here we are. Y’know, The Dungeon of Doom is already pretty much a joke, but Shark never being able to get a win on Nitro certainly isn’t helping matters. Nonetheless, on we go with the show…

… Holy shit guys, check it out!


IT’S TONY SCHIAVONE. HE’S FINALLY HERE. I’ve only been waiting for 9 weeks my guy, but that doesn’t matter. I’m just happy he has finally arrived. Tony says we have pictures of what happened at Halloween Havoc last night in Ric Flair’s match, where he teamed with Sting against Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman. Basically, Flair turned heel, and all three men beat the life out of Sting in the ring. I figured this was coming, but I’m still sad about it. Sting and Flair was such a hype tag team. I was into it. Nonetheless out come The Three Horsemen for an interview. Brian Pillman and Arn Anderson are saying that after last night they’re “this much closer” to a full Four Horsemen. Anderson gives credit to Sting for fighting by himself against Arn and Pillman, but he was always due to fall. Flair gets on the mic and essentially calls out Sting for next week, because the Horsemen will be in town, and that’s it as we head to commercial.

You know, I’ve got a feeling this fourth member might be Chris Benoit, because I know he was in the group at some point. I might be wrong though. I guess we’re gonna have to find out next week. Regardless, up next is Sabu vs. Disco Inferno. Holy shit. Rest in peace Disco. You were fun while you lasted.


Match #3
Disco Inferno vs. Sabu


We had a hilarious start to this match with Sabu literally jumping at Disco’s ankles and missing. He then did it two more times and every time was funnier than the last. What a legend, this Sabu. As you can see from the screenshot above, he eventually got his act together and knocked down Disco Inferno. Sabu hits a springboard heel kick, and then a springboard dropkick soon after. This dude goes a thousand miles an hour. It’s just spot after spot. Sabu attempts a pin but can only get a two count. Following some back and forth, Disco is able to get control with a hair-toss type of move. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do when you’re against Sabu. He does the hair-toss again, this time sending Sabu across the entire ring, then follows it up with a huge clothesline, which Sabu sells like death. We’ve seen a lot of awesome sell work tonight. I love it, Maggle.

Disco takes a moment to dance and puff up his hair before going back on the attack. He chokes Sabu on the top rope before ricocheting him off the ropes. Disco Inferno rains down the forearms before Sabu comes back with a huge uppercut. Surprisingly, the crowd is now chanting for Sabu. That is extremely unexpected. We get more back and forth until ultimately Sabu regains control, and gets Disco down long enough to hit him with a flip leg drop from the apron to the inside of the ring. That’s gonna be all as Sabu gets the one, two, three, and the win.

Match Rating: 1 Star


Sabu, of course, being Sabu, continues the attack after the match. He sends Disco to the outside before jumping over the top rope and basically landing on one of Disco’s shoulders. I think he was going for a hurricanrana, but Disco wasn’t positioned right for it. Sabu seemingly disappears afterward, however as Disco starts walking to the back he’s met by Sabu, who hits him in the face with a table. Oh my goodness, that was absolutely hilarious. Sabu then sets up that table and goes for a splash through it. Unfortunately, Disco Inferno was able to move out the way, and Sabu’s lower back went smack against the wood, which did not break. Ouch.

We come back from a commercial break to see Lex Luger making his way to the ring, alongside… Meng, and…. Jimmy Hart. What the hell? God dammit I missed so much at Halloween Havoc. This just feels wrong. Not the Luger situation, I don’t give a shit about Luger, it’s Jimmy Hart not being with Hogan. My whole world has been turned upside down. Out next come The American Males, with Buff Bagwell looking like a forgotten member of NSYNC. They get undressed and the bell rings, so…. I guess it’s time for our main event.


Match #4
Meng & Lex Luger vs. The American Males


Whenever I see The American Males I can’t help but think of that “American Girl” song by Bonnie McKee. Yes, I know. Don’t judge me. Nonetheless, we start off with some kicks by Meng. None of which connected, but still. He tried, and that’s what matters here. Meng eventually gets Scotty Riggs into the corner and goes to work on him with some strikes, as we fade away into a commercial break. Hilarious. By the time we get back, it’s Lex Luger in the ring with Buff Bagwell. Talk about the ol’ swap-a-rooni. Buff makes a tag to Scotty and in he comes with an elbow to Luger’s arm, which was being held up by Buff. Teamwork, folks. It’s all about teamwork. More tags follow as The ‘Murican Males do more damage to Luger’s arm. While this is all happening, I can’t help but notice how filthy the bottom of Luger’s boots are. I mean, come on my dude. If you’re gonna wear all white boots, at least attempt to keep them looking halfway decent. Luger attempts a comeback, but ultimately he is a one armed man in an ass kicking contest. No Bueno, my friend. Scotty Riggs is a one man wrecking crew right now, taking it to both Luger and Meng. He lowers himself for an irish whip backdrop, and it ends up being one of the worst I’ve ever seen in my life. Luger sucks, guys. The best part of that was Bischoff saying “nice” on commentary. While Buff Bagwell had the ref’s attention, Luger and Meng illegally teamed up to hit a Hart Attack on Riggs. What a terrible partner that Buff Bagwell is.

We get some more cheating from Luger and Meng before Flexy Lexy hangs up Scotty on the top rope, then tags in Meng. The tides have turned, lads. Commentary is just going at each other while Scotty Riggs is getting murdered in the ring by Meng. It’s quite the scene if I’m being honest. I must say, I really love Meng’s attire, it makes him look like even more of a star than usual. Plus he has the taped thumb, which of course for people around my age is synonymous with Umaga, who was freaking awesome. Legitimately one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. Scotty makes a comeback off an irish whip, going for a sunset flip pin on Lex Luger. He can only manage a two count, however, and as soon as he gets up, he gets destroyed by a clothesline. Meng tags in now and takes down Scotty Riggs. He attempts a standing Swanton bomb type of move but ends up landing on his neck. That looked quite brutal. Scotty Riggs is finally able to make a tag and in comes Buff Bagwell like a house of fire. Multiple punches and clotheslines to a dazed Lex Luger (who is currently reminding me of Billy Gunn. There’s something to think about). Bagwell goes for what I can only assume was going to be a crossbody, but gets caught in the arms of Luger. While this happens, Jimmy Hart grabs the ref’s attention, which leads to Riggs drop-kicking Luger, and Bagwell falling on top. Had the ref been looking, Bagwell would have just won this match. Wild.

Meng kicks both American Males with some brutal looking shots, which leads to Luger putting Bagwell in the Torture Rack, and folks, this one is over.

Match Rating: 1 Star


We head off to a commercial immediately after the match and when we get back, we’re…. fortunate enough… to hear Eric Bischoff telling us youngsters to have a safe Halloween and whatnot. Thanks, Uncle Eric. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind this October. Mongo’s dog wants treats apparently, so Bischoff gives him what appears to be a Snickers (I thought dogs couldn’t eat chocolate?), and Heenan gives him nothing, which results in Mongo spraying him with funfetti canned stuff. I don’t know what it’s called. Here’s a screenshot.


We get a look back at Halloween Havoc, where Jimmy Hart attacks Hulk Hogan with the World Championship. That’s more shocking to me than Paul Bearer attacking ‘Taker with the urn. I just cannot wrap my mind around Hulk Hogan without Jimmy Hart. The Giant locks Hogan in a bear hug while The Taskmaster also joins in on the attack. After a bit of time Luger and Savage run down to a massive pop, which unfortunately was wasted as Luger starts stomping on Savage. THEN The Yetaaaaaay runs down and he joins in on this bear hug, which looks hilarious. What a clusterfuck.


The scenes, man. I swear.

Luger locks in the Torture Rack, and that’s where the recap ends. So now with all this, you’re telling me it took five god damn wrestlers to keep Hulk Hogan down? Get out of here with that nonsense. Back to the live Nitro ring, and The Dungeon of Doom are inside, which includes The Giant, who is wearing his brand new World Heavyweight Championship. Tony Schiavone asks Jimmy Hart why he’d turn his back on Hogan, and he says maybe he’ll tell why in his new book. Or maybe he’ll explain himself next week on Monday Nitro. He says that the evil in Hogan all along was Jimmy Hart. Kevin Sullivan was his past, and The Giant and Lex Luger are his future. All of the Dungeon say more stuff, all of it amounts to basically is: The Giant is the champion, and he will defend that title next week on Nitro against anybody who steps up. After that, we go off the air to conclude this edition of WCW Monday Nitro.


Final Thoughts:

That was certainly a show. Nothing stood out apart from Tony Schiavone finally showing up. You can tell they were just waiting until next week and the interactive show. I feel like a lot of good stuff is gonna happen then. Otherwise, this show was okay. It had some decent matches, characters were moved forward, stories were moved forward. I’m looking forward to next week.

Until then I am JeriKane, and this is the WCW Nitro Saga.

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