Westworld was one of 2016’s breakout hits, capturing audiences attention with some strong narrative threads and amazing character development. Now it’s being reported that HBO will finally be putting the show into production later this summer – with a release of 2018 still very much on the cards.

My Entertainment World is reporting that Season 2 of Westworld will begin production on July 10th in Moab, Utah and Santa Clarita, California. Moab was used to film most of the desert scenes in the first Season of the show.

Westworld told the story of humanoid androids within a curated park. Think Jurassic Park, but with robots re-enacting the wild west. Park guests paid money to interact with these however they chose

It’ll be very interesting to see where the show goes from the finale, which setup a pretty depressing state of affairs for the park. With several characters dead or hanging to life by a thread, it’ll be hard to get the status quo back. Plus it will be hard to see the show continuing as strongly without Ford in the cast somehow. He was arguably the most interesting aspect of Season One, so the show has a big void to fill.

One of Season One’s big appealing factors was how subtle the show was, developing its characters.┬áThere have been suggestions that we many end up visiting the other worlds within Westworld – with the Chinese variant teased in the finale. We will also likely be seeing the head offices of Delos, the corporation pulling the strings behind the park.

With the show already established as a fan favorite, there’s huge anticipation for its return in 2018. HBO are killing it right now with their selection of shows.

Are you excited to see Westworld edging closer to a return? What are you expecting from the show.

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