If you thought it was only Marvel that could print money using superhero franchises – then think again. DC’s latest outing Wonder Woman has surpassed all expectations, landing in cinemas worldwide and sweeping up a huge storm in the process. The female driven movie has managed to ease past the $100 million mark in its opening weekend – shattering all kinds of records as it did so.

The movie was projected to achieve anywhere between $65 million through to $100 million. Many analysts anticipated it might push beyond that, but many were cautious (Given the reception to DC’s previous outings). It seems the early reviews for Wonder Woman have prompted viewers to rush out and check the superhero.

Variety has put a $100.5 million haul on the movie’s success – which would easily shatter the record for a Hollywood female director outing. This was previously held by Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Fifty Shades of Grey (I know, right?).

All of this of course is without the international box office – which is likely to push that total above and beyond its early success.

It’s a huge moment for Warner Bros and DC, who have both been trying to steady the DCEU ship for a while now. Questionable outings like Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman have helped sour general public opinion on the cinematic universe. It’s also the first superhero movie to be helmed by a female lead – something even Marvel has been criticized for in recent times (Like seriously, why haven’t gotten that Black Widow movie yet?).

It all means good things for Justice League – which is set to land at the end of 2017. That movie will be pivotal to the future of the DCEU, as it sets in motion the next major story arc for the entire movie slate.

Have you checked out Wonder Woman yet? Have you been excited by the movie?

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