Those Nintendo Switch gamers looking to lay the smackdown on the go may have to wait a bit longer. Early feedback isn’t positive from players who dove into the Nintendo Switch edition of this years WWE 2K18 – with many finding a game fraught with bugs, crashes and general performance issues across the board.

Social media filled up with disappointed gamers, wondering how such a buggy title could launch. The below video is a great example of just how shocking things are at the current time.

The worst of the issues seem to include;

  • Notably low framerate during entrances for most matches.
  • Slowdowns during matches, in particular, if the action picks up.
  • Commentary audio crackling during gameplay.
  • Temporary and complete crashing during matches, creating characters or basically anywhere.
  • Constant low framerate when in portable mode.
  • The portable mode is effectively unplayable in all game modes.
  • Crashes during Royal Rumble entrances and eliminations.

This, of course, is just a selection of the problems currently blighting the portable edition of WWE 2K18 – which had seen notable downgrades from its main console brothers. In particular, many have noted that the graphics within the game have taken a substantial hit, with the Switch version closely resembling the last generation of games. It’s not a good look for the game.

When you look at the feature list for the game, some of the above issues really begin to stand out. The fact that this years headline “8 in a match” has been dropped to six, with online and multiplayer matches going all the way down to four. It’s clear that the game is riddled with compromises and issues – ones that haven’t been ironed out right now.

It’s all the more disappointing when you realize that 2K made a huge deal about the game┬álanding on Nintendo Switch and how much space it would take up.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed of any patches or news regarding this. Our advice? Don’t waste your money on this one until 2K pull their finger out and fix it.

Our Take: It’s a huge shame to see the game land in such a broken state. Many were excited to see WWE on the go with Nintendo Switch. It’s not entirely new to WWE gamers though. This years edition of WWE 2K18 landed in an equally unfit state – requiring weeks of patches to get the core gameplay working.


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