It’s been long rumored that WWE would be holding a second invitational tournament – similar to the Cruiserweight Classic. The intention would be to find new female talent to help build on the success of the company’s recent changes to the female tournament. Now the company has officially unveiled it’s plans for the upcoming all-women’s tournament – which will air this summer on the WWE Network.

No date has yet been given, although details have been unveiled by the company. Over a dozen countries will be represented, 17 in total. WWE’s COO stressed that this is part of a company-wide attempt to refocus the female divisions and add depth to the rosters.

Raw Women’s Champion Bayley told the live audience;

“Building on our Women’s division, it gives us great pleasure to share in announcing what’s next for WWE… For the first time ever, this summer, WWE will feature a Women’s Tournament.”


Smackdown Live Women’s Champion explained;

“I speak on behalf of all of us, not just the champions standing before you today, but the entire Women’s division. It’s truly an honor to be part of another significant movement in WWE history,”


To my mind this is great news. As great as the gains have been in the past year – it’s hard to get over the feeling that without a full and robust roster on each show – the entire premise is being undermined. Look no further than Raw – where Sasha Banks and Charlotte have been passing the Raw Women’s Championship between each other. It’s great news for fans of female wrestling.

We’ll be sure to pass on any news regarding the tournament as and when we receive it.


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