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If you’re a fan of WWE wrestling, you’ll no doubt be aware of Mauro Ranallo. The Smackdown Live commentator has added a unique flavor to proceedings on the blue brand in recent months – becoming a fixture on the brand. Despite this, rumors have swirled in the past month that JBL and Ranallo had fallen out; causing the Canadian commentator to drop out of WWE.

After prolonged silence from the company, CBS Sports managed to drag a comment out of WWE. This said;

“A source close to the situation told CBS Sports that Ranallo, 47, is not expected to appear on camera for the remainder of his WWE contract, which he signed on Dec. 15, 2015.

WWE would not confirm this but did tell CBS Sports in a statement that Ranallo remains under contract with the company until Aug. 12, 2017.”


If true, it seems to suggest that WWE aren’t going to address the situation that led to Mauro leaving the product. Instead he’ll be allowed to sit out his WWE contract, which expires in August of this year. He initially signed with WWE in December of 2015.

This isn’t stopping the commentator from taking on other gigs, as he’ll be continuing his role as the lead play-by-play commentator for Showtime Championship Boxing.

Mauro has been a strong advocate for mental health, who has been battling lifelong bipolar disorder, Giving himself the nickname “The Bipolar Rock and Roller,” Ranallo has openly discussed his battle against the mental health disorder. It has been widely suggested that this was the cause of his departure from WWE in recent weeks.

The former Smackdown Live commentator has notably deleted all mention of his WWE affiliation from his Twitter account on Friday, along with a noticeable amount of WWE related retweets. It’s a strong indication that he’s moving on as soon as possible.

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