So here we are. After much talk and a long wait, the WWE Mae Young Classic kicks off with four relatively fun matches. What surprised me here was just how varied they all were, given that all these women come from such different backgrounds. There wasn’t a bad match among these (at least not from my view – but it’s very clear in some cases who WWE wants you to be rooting for.

Given that I know nothing about these women heading in, this is more of a “here are my rolling thoughts” as things played out. Let’s dive into the first episode of the Mae Young Classic!


Princess Sugehit vs. Kay Lee Ray

Princess Sugehit looks like something you’d slap together in the WWE2K creation suite. If my nightmares don’t feature her in some form, I’ll be amazed. Kay Lee Ray looked fine heading into this match, although it was pretty obvious that the spotlight was on her Mexican opponent.

Sugehit moved around the ring like a spider, grabbing Kay Lee and tossing her around with little care. Not that Kay Lee was immune to getting her own offense in, most of the match was spent in holds and showcasing Sugehit’s impressive offense. The match ended via submission, a nice little showcase for the Mexican, the crowd seemed into her unique look. Nothing hugely special in the grand scheme, just enough to make you pick Sugehit as a unique oddball for the Mae Young Classic.

See you round Kay Lee Rae…

Serena Seen vs. Vanessa Borne

You may remember Serena as the female member of CM Punks Straight Edge Society. WWE didn’t want you to overlook this fact, giving her the full pre-match video package reminding you of her fall from grace. It’s a bit awkward at this level, if only because it makes Vanessa feel like a red shirt in waiting here.

This wasn’t helped in the match by Lita and JR slapping it on thick for the Serena throughout, “Wouldn’t it be a shame if her comeback ended here?” and “Even if she loses, she’s a winner here” being my favourite among the “guess who’s winning this Mae Young Classic match?”. The match was more WWE in style, Vanessa working as the heel throughout. The was were very much behind Serena, even as Vanessa dominated the midsection.

In the end though, Serena got the win, with the crowd pleased throughout. Good little match for these two, predictable outcome but a nice solid WWE kind of match that wouldn’t offend on the main roster. Pretty much what WWE could do with right now.

Shayna Basler Vs Zeda

Shayna looks like a legit badass. It’s funny because as she enters the ring, JR mentions Ronda Rousey, cutting to a shot of the UFC Superstar at ringside. Zeda, on the other hand, looks like a butch Cameron (Hopefully with better in-ring abilities than the former Funkadactyle). Zeda went for the handshake pre-match, only for Shayna to pull back. What a heel.

The early match was Basler using strikes on her opponent, not shocking given her MMA background. She works a really different style from Zeda, one that’s full of strikes and submissions. Zeda doesn’t look bad, she gets a few moves of her own, but Zeda gets countered into a submission and gives up quickly – smart move on her part.

Basler looks really strong, a real standout. If this competition were awarded on the sheer menacing presence of its stars, you’d hand her the trophy right now. The crowd really love her too, even though I suspect they were meant to boo her more. Certainly an early front runner for the whole Me Young Classic, in my uneducated opinion.

Abbey Laugh vs. Jazzy Gabbot

Abbey heads to the ring and looks like someone’s mum just took up wrestling. This isn’t helped by the appearance of Jazzy Gabbot, someone with an insanely menacing aura. She opens the match by dragging Abbey in and intimidating her.

There was a neat little spot early where Jazzy shoved Abbey to the floor and she roars back at her. The crowd loved her and it really showcased the dynamic of this match well. Abbey spent the next few minutes being beaten down on, Jazzy putting her in all kinds of holds. Abbey would try to counter, but ended up right back in the pain.

Abbey did a comeback in the mid section that got the crowd well into her, with Jazzy fighting back and donating again. Abbey hit a beautiful Stanton Bomb (I thought that might be the end), only for Jazzy to get a corner of a right hook on Abbey. The rollup finish was a lovely nod to Mae Young, giving Abbey the win.

Loved the post-dated tease of a beatdown from Jazzy, only for her to embrace Abbey. A really cool moment, the crowd liked her. Abbey really reminds of a Daniel Bryan type underdog. That will serve her well moving forward.


Very solid first outing. Clearly, there are favorites here – one advantage to not knowing any of these women (Except Serena) is that they all get a chance to impress without bias. Shayna looks GREAT and has the look a Superstar already. Abbey Laith has that cool underdog feeling to her while Serena’s road to redemption is a compelling (if obvious) hook.

Best match of the night for me was the closer between Abbey Laugh and Jazzy Gabbot. Both women looked good throughout and both would make fine additions to the WWE roster. Jazzy has a good aura about her, while the crowd ate up Abbey’s in-ring antics.