WWE’s Money in the Bank typically is a great pay per view. For all the issues on the roster, it’s the event where WWE lines up stars for the future, giving chances to those who it sees as climbers among the roster. Sadly tonight’s WWE Money in the Bank event may go down as one of the worst of all time. A mess, a shambles, a disaster for those who were hoping for great matches. How bad was it? Let’s step into the review and find out.


Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Well, that was a thing.

It’s hard to be objective about this match when the ending was such a steaming pile of dung. The saddest thing for me was that it stopped the match really hitting its full stride. For the longest time, it felt like this match was building to something more – only to be cut off at the knees. The women were hitting spots throughout, but the whole thing felt more disjointed that typical ladder matches. It was only in the final run that it all began to come together, and then the ending happened.

The ending was a real crotch blow to the match’s momentum, a harmful way to undermine the entire point of having a women’s match in the first place. Sadly it cemented the match as a decent outing, but one that lacked the real “wow” moment that it needed to be memorable. I can’t say I was to thrilled with the whole thing; with an awkward feeling that the pieces of the match should have delivered a more satisfying whole. Bad booking killed a promising match, and that’s just sad.


The Usos vs. The New Day

The match itself had some great moments, but the crowd were out of it from the word go. Both teams worked hard; and worked well together. They were given plenty of time, with The Usos really putting on a good show throughout, as The New Day ran though their typical thing. The sad thing is that WWE don’t seem to have asked New Day to do much new – so what fans were bored with on Monday Nights is now boring them again on Tuesdays.

The real shame here though was that The Usos opted for the countout victory, effectively robbing the match of the ending it deserved. It means we’ll be getting a rematch at Summerslam – but left Money in the Bank feeling very lacking.


Naomi vs Lana

Objectively, this was a bad match. Lana looks every inch a rookie as she flopped around the ring like a fish out of water. The fact Naomi had to slow down to accommodate for Lana’s lack of talent left the match lacking energy. Things only got interesting when Carmella parked herself at ringside, teasing a cash-in. It didn’t happen, but it added to the narrative and helped hide the pretty awful match that fans were subjected to.

Lana is bad, she should feel bad.


Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship)

The match was near enough the same outing the pair had back at the last Smackdown pay per view. The Singh Brothers spoiled Orton’s title charge, they got in the faces of the legends at ringside, and stole the focus as Orton attacked them at the close of the match.

The problem is that matches like this don’t build Jinder up, they make him look fortunate. At a time when WWE really needs fans to see him as something different, he feels more like a copy of JBL’s 9-month run as Champion than anything else.

Hopefully now, the pair can move on to new things. Orton needs new and fresh, he isn’t getting that right now on Smackdown Live. As for Jinder, he needs an opponent that can help elevate his largely forgettable in-ring move set. Right now he looks like a talent that’s not ready for the main event – and the fans are reacting accordingly.


Tyler Breeze and Fandango vs. The Ascension

We found out via a Fashion Files episode that Breezango would be facing off against their attackers in the ring. Turns out this was The Ascension, who pretty much got beaten the first chance they could. There really wasn’t much point to this – and if the rumored return of American Alpha as the real culprits undoes this on Tuesday, it effectively kills any hope The Ascension have of being taken seriously.

The dictionary definition of filler match.


Men’s Money In The Bank Match

This was the good stuff we were promised. A great match, that saw everyone get their time to shine. From Zayn and Owens going at each other, to Nakamura and Corbin’s story throughout. Nakamura’s removal seemed to sink the crowds early enthusiasm; so his return was well received.

Corbin’s win is a huge moment for him – but I reckon we’re still a ways off him actually claiming his title shot. He’s not ready for that main event slot yet, lacking the gravitas to go against the bigger names on the biggest stage. Plus with the company throwing so much weight behind Jinder Mahal right now, his Money in the Bank win might need a long time to cash in.

I also loved the way they teased Nakamura and Styles. It wasn’t over the top, and fans in attendance knew they were seeing something special. One hopes that WWE doesn’t rush to this match, giving it the build it deserves.

Overall a great match, easily the best on the show.



Yeah, Money in the Bank 2017 was a train wreck. From the opening match through to the Breezango tag match, the whole event just smacked of WWE not really understanding what their audience wanted.

Not that the fans should dictate the direction of the product. But when marketing a Money in the Bank match for women as “iconic”, it’s probably a good idea to let said women steal the show themselves. Instead now, the big headlines belong to Ellsworth, who gets more headline space than the women in the match.

It’s decisions like having The Usos leave their title defense on a countout. Putting Lana in a title match she wasn’t ready for. Money in the Bank was a mess from top to bottom, and fans have every right to be concerned about the state of affairs with WWE pay per views right now.

The men did an excellent job in the main event, but they can’t be expected to carry this mess of a show forever.Things need to change in WWE.


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