All good things must come to an end, and that’s true in WWE. When a Superstar and the company part ways, it’s usually announced via the corporate website. It’s a tradition wrestling fans have come to love and expect from the WWE. Sadly this time round, it seems the Spirit Squad just weren’t worthy as the pair have been removed from WWE’s active roster page.

You may remember Nicky and Mikey from their brief return in the Spirit Squad. The pair had remained on the main roster for SmackDown Live – being kept on the active list of wrestlers for the brand. If anyone went to WWE’s official website and checked out all the superstar profiles, they were right there on the list. Well it seems someone at WWE finally figured this out and has moved the pair to the WWE Alumni section – effectively signalling their departure from the company.

The two were brought back to help spice up The Miz and Dolph Ziggler’s Intercontinental Championship feud heading into the No Mercy Pay-per-view last year. Mis brought Kenny and Mikey back in an attempt to help him overcome Ziggler. This was significant for Ziggler as he was a member of the original Spirit Squad under the name of “Nicky”.

The pair even managed to get a shot at Rhyno and Heath Slaters Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships – losing out in the end.

Mikey and Kenny continued to wrestle off and on for WWE until mid-November until quietly disappearing from television. Around this time they started appearing on the independent scene again – although WWE kept the pair on its website for the longest time.

WrestleZone pointed out that the Spirit Squad members were never actually under contract with WWE and were simply working on pay-per-appearance opportunities. This would make sense given that both men were only being used for one major story line.


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