WWE Quiz – Can You Take Down The Undertaker?

Can you take on our WWE Wrestlemania Week Quiz regarding The Undertaker?

The Undertaker is without question one of WWE and wrestling’s all time greats. A phenomenon that not only stands apart from the crowd but greatly influenced all that followed. Whether it be in Attitude Era, the Ruthless Aggression Era or even through to the New Era, his shadow casts long over an industry that owes much to him.

Should The Deadman be successful at Wrestlemania, it’ll mark 100 career pay-per-view victories for the Superstar. That’s a monumental number by anyones standards, including that of WWE. Few even come close to that tally, and with the Deadman set to take on Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33, there’s every chance that he could reach that number.

With so much going on around him, what better time to brush up on your trivia for the Phenom? He’s done a lot in 25 years of WWE – more than many other have managed. The question is – how well do you know the Deadman? Does his long list of accomplishments mean anything to you, and can you recall some of the highlights from his career?

Take our quiz and test your knowledge of all things Undertaker!

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